Rimowa and Louis Vuitton revolutionise the future of travel essentials 

A powerful luggage kit is a crucial part of any voyage. Essentially a wardrobe on wheels, the modern traveler needs a case with style and durability in equal measure. The post-pandemic era of travel is in full swing and with it, a rise in open borders and the resurgence of the travel industry and long overdue holiday escapades. 

The Louis Vuitton Trunk gets a new upgrade 160 years after it was first invented. This new iteration of the classic travel staple however, is entirely virtual. Dubbed the VIA Treasure Trunk, Louis Vuitton’s first digital trunk takes the notion of travel to a whole new level, going beyond the physical into the realm of dream and ambition. The release is part of a series of drops that aims to merge craft and digital culture, showcasing limited-edition products and experiences through immersive releases which will take place progressively throughout the year. Each unique “drop” that takes place alongside the one-of-a-kind Treasure Trunk in its digital form, is twinned with exclusive access to a physical counterpart, adding another dimention to the customer experience. 

While Louis Vuitton indulges collectors with a “new voyage” into the universe of the Maison, Rimowa celebrated its 125th anniversary with a 3-stop retrospective touring exhibition. Aptly titled “SEIT 1898”, visitors will be able to discover the many transformations and modernisations of travel over the last 125 years that has led Rimowa to where the brand is today. The presentation includes a series of cases displayed with evocative dioramas highlighting the brands ambition and growth over the years.

Starting in Tokyo before progressing to New York and ultimately ending up in the city that started it all – Cologne, Germany, the exhibition features pieces from Rimowa’s archives. Artwork and stories presenting the materials, craftsmanship, people, and places will be on full display highlighting the technical prowess of specialised cases and the artisans who made them. 

Another noteworthy part of the exhibition is that guests will be privy to witnessing privately owned cases of public figures and notable celebrities including Pharrell Williams, Billie Eilish, LeBron James, Roger Federer and Peggy Gou, among others. 

Louis Vuitton and Rimowa are both purveyors of luggage, each paying homage to their Maison’s illustrious legacies as a way of redefining both the brand and the travel pieces they produce.

“SEIT 1898” will be on display and open for visitors:

June 9th – 18th, 2023 Tokyo, Japan
September 8th – 17th, 2023 New York, USA
Spring 2024 Cologne, Germany

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