Beautiful BOTEH: The Luxury Beachwear Brand To Know

Calling to all of those who love beach and swimwear, BOTEH is the brand to know. Founded by Amelia Mather, her stylish label is a stylish mix of color, print, and of course a good dose of laid-back glamour. As they say, the brand which consists of swim and beach essentials, fully embraces traditional techniques, fluid silhouettes, and effervescent color. All the things we love for our summer wardrobe.

Think cute frill mini dresses to ankle-skimming one-shoulder numbers and the coolest of co-ords that’ll see you through the warmer months. Not only that, but thoughtful production is also a huge part of the company, making use of natural fabrications, and skilled artisans with many of the pieces being finished by hand, for a considered and true luxurious approach.

BOTEH: The Luxury Beachwear Brand
All photos courtesy of Boteh

Founder and Creative Director, Amelia Mather tells us more about her brand, from its aesthetic to the sunny latest collection, and how she would like her company to evolve.

What was the moment you decided to start your own brand?
I had just finished up as Creative Director for Tigerlily in 2018 where I had been designing for almost 15 years and took my first real break ever to have my second baby girl, Sandy. She was 4 months old when I decided to start my own brand. Not sure if it was the sleep deprivation or just simply the space I had never before experienced. I had been on deadline and designed over 60 collections since my early 20s. Never before had I felt the urge to work for myself until then.

BOTEH: The Luxury Beachwear Brand

How would you sum up its aesthetic?
Expertly crafted, bohemian feel resort wear and swim made with distinct textiles that are not overpowering, designed to last beyond the seasons.

Who is the Boteh woman?
Boteh is one of those brands you can effortlessly layer into your wardrobe for beach days, holidays, and more relaxed occasions. Because of this, she is many different women, but those who are drawn to a patterned, undone & relaxed sensibility that comes with leisure-time travels and beach days.

What are the cornerstones of your company?
Unique and distinct textile prints, preserve artisan craft, wearable design, and thoughtful production.

Tell us about the latest collection.
We always begin with the palette, colour is a journey for Boteh. It’s a natural progression from where we have been and what we are drawn to next. This season we have a unique palette of Melon, Sapo lime & Tobacco for our Alvita story which evokes a ‘60s Pucci feel for me, and the other was an unusual combination of Indigo and Saffron, paying homage to the earliest natural dyes that were used in textile production in France. Having studied textiles, it all begins with color and prints, the silhouettes always come after and as we aim for these to always be wearable and timeless they come together naturally.

BOTEH: The Luxury Beachwear Brand

Which is your favorite piece and the moment, and how do you style it?
I adore the one-shoulder silhouette, I find it timeless even though it’s more of a statement than we have attempted in the past. I style with or without the belt, a colorful bag, and a statement wedge. I’m going to my local restaurant in Sydney/Coogee, Mimi’s, for fresh Australian seafood and cocktails.

How would you like to see your company evolve?
We would love to have our own retail store, a space where we can bring the full Boteh vision to life. I have so many ideas for what Boteh can become along with the many things I collect on my travels and would love to showcase the full inspiration behind the Boteh collections.

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