Colin Farrell stars in new mystery drama Sugar, streaming now on Apple TV+

Colin Farrell stars in a new drama series ‘Sugar‘, streaming now on Apple TV+. Farrell plays the titular John Sugar, who is a private detective tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearance of Olivia Siegel, the daughter of a famous Hollywood producer.

The series takes much of its style and flair from the neo-noir film genre. The standard mystery plot takes a wild turn about halfway through the series, which may prove divisive. At least right now, Sugar is critically acclaimed with 87% on Rotten Tomatoes …

The investigation into Olivia’s disappearance naturally unfurls a whole new mystery about the family, some that father Jonathan Siegel would prefer would not get out.

But the big twist in the series is about Sugar himself. Some critical reviews have suggested that the reveal is so left-field viewers may want to turn off, if they don’t buy it. Unfortunately, the reveal does not happen until six episodes deep into the eight-part season, so watching Sugar will require a leap of faith. Nevertheless, critical response has been generally positive thus far.

You can watch Sugar with an Apple TV+ subscription. Get a seven-day free trial for new sign ups here. Access Apple TV+ original TV shows and movies through the Apple TV app available on your platform of choice, including Apple devices, smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku and more. You can also watch in a web browser at

Alongside Sugar, also premiering today on Apple’s streaming service is Girls State, a feature documentary in which a group of teenage girls participate in a mock democracy political experiment. It is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Boys State, also streaming on Apple TV+.

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