What to Think About When Looking for a Wedding Venue

What to Think About When Looking for a Wedding Venue
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Planning a wedding is tremendously exciting, but it can also be a little daunting. With so many decisions to make, it can feel very overwhelming. One of the most significant decisions is the venue. While there’s a lot to think about and countless venues and different types of venues to consider, when you find the right one, you might find that many of those other things on your to-do list fall into place. Here are some things you should remember when looking for a wedding venue. 


The location should, of course, be one of the first things that you think about. If your family and friends live close to you, you might want to get married somewhere close to home. If your families are far apart, somewhere more central might be a better idea. You might also want to consider somewhere meaningful, perhaps somewhere you’ve visited as a couple. Wiltshire is a popular choice, and there are some magical Wiltshire wedding venues to choose from. 

When looking at wedding venues Wiltshire, think about location, facilities, parking, places to stay nearby and the packages that wedding venues Wiltshire have to offer. 

Overnight Options

Even if you are getting married close to home, you might find that many of your guests would rather stay somewhere close to the venue instead of having to drive home. If the venue you are looking at has no rooms, look in the local area for other options, such as hotels, B&Bs, and even campsites. 

Many venues have rooms for the bridal party and guests to use, which can be a much easier option. However, it’s still worth making sure other local choices suit your guests’ budgets. 


Of course, your budget should be one of your first considerations. Determine your total wedding budget and think about how much of it you want to spend on the venue before you even start looking around. 


The time of year you want to get married is also worth considering. While a venue with plenty of outdoor space might be a priority for a summer wedding, you might prefer a cosier setting if you’ve set a date for the winter months. 

Consider Your Priorities

Before looking at venues, it’s a good idea to list your priorities. We all want different things from our weddings, so think about what you want, what you’d like, and what you aren’t bothered about. Find a venue that ticks your boxes without worrying about what anyone else might want. 

Get Recommendations

Recommendations and reviews are among the best ways to get an accurate view of a venue. Ask around, look on social media and read online reviews before committing. 

What to Think About When Looking for a Wedding Venue
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What’s Included

Don’t just assume that, because the place you are looking at is advertised as a wedding venue, it has packages. Check what is included in the price that you are quoted, and make sure you ask if there’s anything that you aren’t sure about.

If there are packages, check to see how flexible you are. You don’t want to pay more for things you don’t want. 

Finding the right venue can be difficult, so take your time to look around and meet with event planners before you commit to anything. 


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