VRAI Collaborates with Celebrity Stylists Petra & Meehan Flannery

Crafting the future of diamond jewelry, meet Los Angeles jewelry label, VRAI. Known for their diamonds that are produced in their very own certified zero-emission foundry (powered by 100% renewable energy), they give their esteemed customers the capability to cut their own rough diamond to create sustainable jewelry–and this is a thoroughly bespoke offering.

VRAI Petra
VRAI Petra

Excitingly, VRAI has collaborated with prominent celebrity stylists Petra and Meehan Flannery to create a bold capsule collection. Offering California-inspired jewelry designs, the styles transcend trends, the collection features 8 VRAI-created diamond shapes in combinations that balance modernity and timelessness. VRAI’s geometric diamonds are set into domed gold shapes, resulting in an elegant collection.

VRAI jewelry

The 15 fine jewelry pieces can either be worn individually as statement pieces or layered and stacked to create a head-turning look. “These pieces can be worn across years and generations because sustainability is also timeless; it lets beauty exist without disruption. We want people to feel empowered, and that these pieces are enhancing their beauty. We also want people to feel the energy of the powerful—and renewable—river which is used in the creation of the diamond, and the energy of California’s breezy oceanside environment.”

VRAI jewelry

Mona Akhavi is the President of VRAI, and of course, she’s delighted to have collaborated with the stylish sisters, after all, they have been long-time supporters of the jewelry label, Mona says, “This capsule collection combines their elevated styling with VRAI’s expertise in crafting fine jewelry and unique diamond shapes which are cut to the top 1% in the world, giving incredible scintillation and brilliance.”


As well as recycled solid gold, this collection features 8 diamond shapes created by VRAI in their carbon-neutral certified foundry which is situated in America’s Pacific West. Staying true to their considered aesthetic, there are classic shapes such as Round, Oval, Pear, and Half Moon. These have been combined with architectural shapes like Kite, Lozenge, Hexagons, and Shields to create fine jewelry pieces that transcend time.

VRAI Earrings

Shop the collection now on VRAI.com; prices range from $2,400 to $22,100.

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