Vision Pro engineers moved to folding iPhone project; delayed to 2027 – report

A new supply-chain report reiterates earlier reports that some engineers previously working on Vision Pro have been moved to working a folding iPhone or iPad project.

It also claims that the planned launch of a foldable iPhone has been delayed from 2026 to 2027, but that suppliers have been told to stick to their existing schedules …

Recent reports on a folding iPhone

A January report said that display suppliers Samsung and LG have for some time been sending folding screen samples to Apple, and that the latest of these are in the 7-8 inch range.

It still remains unclear whether Apple is prioritising a folding iPhone or a folding iPad, and indeed the degree to which they might be described as one and the same. In our poll, the majority of you favored a device the size of an iPhone Pro which unfolds to a display the size of an iPad mini.

Another report said that Apple has at least two “active” prototypes which fold like a clamshell, but was concerned about a visible crease. A subsequent report made the unlikely claim that the project has been shelved for now.

Vision Pro engineers, and 2027 date

Digitimes carries the latest report, though cites another Korean publication.

According to Korea’s Alpha Biz, Apple higher-ups said after considering the preparation for various items, including foldable display supply, the launch of the foldable iPhone was adjusted from the fourth quarter of 2026 to the first quarter of 2027.

Despite the delay, major component manufacturers such as display suppliers are expected to proceed according to the original schedule […]

Recent reports noted that Apple has undergone an internal personnel adjustment. Staff who previously worked on the Vision Pro were allegedly sent to work on foldable devices instead.

9to5Mac’s Take

It’s clear that Apple has so far succeeded in keeping its work in this area pretty quiet, as all the folding iPhone reports to date contain more speculation than demonstrable fact – and this one is no exception.

It would be no surprise at all for some Vision Pro engineers to be moved from a product which has launched to another which is still in development. In particular, it would make perfect sense to reassign those adept at solving problems which arise during the design, prototyping, and pre-production phases. This much, then, is almost certainly true.

As for dates, these fall squarely into the speculative box. Apple will do what it always does, and launch any new product as and when it feels it has solved the problems raised by new product categories, and has something it believes is better than existing products. So far, there is no solid indication that any firm date has been set.

9to5Mac collage of images by Mediamodifier on Unsplash and Sean Sinclair on Unsplash

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