Transform your iPhone into a Game Boy with these life-like wallpapers

Is the arrival of game emulators on iOS making you nostalgic? Check out these fun Game Boy wallpapers for iPhone as a neat way to relive your handheld gaming memories or get close to the Game Boy you always wanted but never had.

I recently rounded up some super realistic and fun iPod wallpapers for iPhone and during my research and testing, I came across some awesome Game Boy wallpapers.

Specifically, the Game Boy Advance SP lends itself very nicely to modern iPhone Lock Screens with the Dynamic Island and there are a number of colors to choose from.

Game Boy wallpapers for iPhone

Game Boy Advance SP – Wallpaper Collection by Isa Pinheiro

This collection is the most robust I’ve come across. Designer Isa includes 13 different colors plus 3 limited edition versions with the NES, Famicom, and Tribal versions.

These are super realistic, detailed, high-quality wallpapers that look fantastic as an iPhone Lock Screen.

Image via Isa Pinheiro

There’s enough room for any combination of small or large Lock Screen widgets – although smaller ones look a bit cleaner as they’re not right up against the edge of the Game Boy’s screen.

You can get this Game Boy Advance SP Wallpaper Collection for iPhone on Gumroad for free or with “a name your own” price donation to support designer Isa Pinheiro.

Gray Game Boy Advance SP wallpaper for iPhone

If you’re good with a simple gray – yet realistic version of the Game Boy Advance SP wallpaper, you can find it for free at Herowall.

Explore more Game Boy wallpapers for iPhone

If you want to check out a variety of other colors and options:

What do you think about these Game Boy wallpapers? What’s your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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