The best Matter smart home devices

The top Matter controllers, certified devices, Thread border routers and more

Matter officially launched at the end of 2022, and from what we’ve seen so far, 2024 looks set to be remembered as the year the new smart home standard went mainstream – CES 2024 was packed full of Matter device launches.

A rare example of the big boys of tech getting together to do something for the greater good, Matter – courtesy of the Connectivity Standards Alliance – has the likes of Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung on board.

The idea is that Matter is a brand-agnostic, interoperable application layer software suite.

In words you’re more likely to understand, it is a platform that allows all of your connected home tech – no matter who makes it and no matter what smart home ecosystem you use – to play nicely with each other.

No more jumping in and out of different apps, no more worrying that your household is split between iOS and Android, and no more locked platforms; Matter is designed to make things easy when setting up your smart home.

Have a look at our comprehensive guide on the Matter smart home to dig a little deeper, but, if you’re ready to jump aboard, then read on to find out what devices work with Matter and what tech you’ll need to get up and running.

What Matter Controllers are available

When Matter was first announced, there was a lot of excitement around the fact that it promised a smart home life away from hubs, bridges and brand-specific controllers.

However, that’s not quite the case – you will still need a Matter Controller to be the brains of the system.

Unlike, for example, with a Hue Bridge or an Arlo SmartHub, the good news is that your Matter Controller isn’t tied to a particular brand or set of products. It will work across the spectrum of Matter-certified devices.

Android and iOS devices can also act as Matter controllers, too, but you’ll have to make sure you’ve got the latest software on board – and also a compatible Matter controller app, such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

A lot of these Matter controllers also double up as Thread border routers, but more on that in the next section.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of some of the Matter controllers available to you at the time of writing:

  • Aeotec SmartThings Hub (*also Thread border router)
  • Amazon Echo (2nd and 3rd-gen)
  • Amazon Echo (4th-gen) (*also Thread border router)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (and with Clock) (2rd-gen+)
  • Amazon Echo Flex
  • Amazon Echo Hub
  • Amazon Echo Input
  • Amazon Echo Pop
  • Amazon Echo Plus (2nd-gen)
  • Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd-gen)
  • Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd-gen+)
  • Amazon Echo Show 8 (All gens)
  • Amazon Echo Show 15
  • Amazon Echo Studio (both generations)
  • Apple HomePod 1st-gen
  • Apple HomePod 2nd-gen (*also Thread border router)
  • Apple HomePod Mini (*also Thread border router)
  • Apple TV 4K 2022 128GB (*also Thread border router)
  • Apple TV 4K 2022 64GB
  • Apple TV 4K 2021 (*also Thread border router)
  • Aqara Hub M3 (*also Thread border router)
  • Google Home (1st-gen)
  • Google Home Mini (all-gens)
  • Google Nest Audio
  • Google Nest Hub (1st-gen)
  • Google Nest Hub 2nd-gen (*also Thread border router)
  • Google Nest Hub Max (*also Thread border router)
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Google Nest WiFi
  • Google Nest WiFi Pro (*also Thread border router)
  • Hoobs Pro (*also Thread border router)
  • Home Assistant
  • Homey Pro (*also Thread border router)
  • Nabu Casa Home Assistant Yellow
  • Samsung SmartThings app (Android)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v2
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v3 (*also Thread border router)
  • Samsung SmartThings Station (*also Thread border router)
  • Samsung Family Hub Fridge 2022 models onwards
  • Samsung Smart Monitors 2022 models onwards
  • Samsung Smart TVs 2022 models onwards
nanoleaf smart home controller

What Thread border routers work with Matter?

The likes of the Nest Hub Max, HomePod Mini and the latest SmartThings hubs mentioned above also double up as both Matter controllers and Thread border routers.

But there are also a bunch of devices that just serve as the latter, helping to make your Matter Thread network stronger.

Read our guide Thread in the Matter smart home to find out more about how exactly this works.

As with the array of Matter controllers, the good news is that you won’t necessarily need to go out and buy any new kit to get your Thread network up and running.

Thread border routers can be enabled in existing devices via a firmware update, and there are already a bunch of Thread border routers that work with Matter already available and possibly already in your home such as:

  • Amazon Eero Beacon
  • Amazon Eero Pro
  • Amazon Eero 6
  • Amazon Eero Pro 6
  • Amazon Eero Pro 6E
  • Amazon Eero 6+,
  • Amazon Eero PoE 6
  • Nanoleaf Elements / Lines / Shapes controllers
Matter device types

The best Matter-certified smart home devices

With the launch of Matter 1.0 in late 2022, we started to see devices certified from across the eight launch categories; light bulbs and light switches, plugs, door locks, thermostats and HVAC controllers, blinds and shades, smart sensors, bridges, smart TVs and streaming devices.

In October 2023 Matter 1.2 was unveiled, with refrigerators, room air conditioners, dishwashers, laundry washers, robotic vacuums, smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, air quality sensors, air purifiers and fans all added to the mix… meaning we’re up to 17 device categories now.

The CSA also used the 1.2 launch to update us that there had been over 24,600 downloads of the Matter spec, resulting in 1,214 Matter device certifications.

But it was at CES 2024 where Matter really started to make progress, with numerous announcements made across multiple categories of Matter-enabled smart home devices.

Jump down for a pretty complete list of all the Matter smart home devices that you can buy right now, or read on to find out about some of the best Matter smart home devices across these categories, with a breakdown of how brands are rolling out their Matter updates.

philips hue hub and bulbs

Philips Hue

Signify originally stated that Matter support will come to its smart lights in Q1 2023 but Hue’s Matter plans were delayed.

However, in September 2023, Hue finally added Matter to the mix. You will still need your Hue Bridge to sync it to Matter; the only Hue device that is Matter certified is the Hue Bridge – the bulbs themselves are only be able to play a part when connected to the Bridge.


Signify’s other smart light brand Wiz is full steam ahead for Matter, with the company updating all products manufactured since Q2 2021 with an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update to become part of the Matter ecosystem,

eve matter devices


Eve is arguably the biggest player in terms of Matter launches so far.

In December 2022, it rolled out an over-the-air Matter update for three devices – Eve Energy, Eve Door & Window and Eve Motion – and, as a result, they became the first devices available to support the new standard.

After promising at CES in January 2023 it would ship a Matter-enabled product before the end of Q1, Eve made the Eve Energy smart plug available soon after.

Eve has also told us that Matter will be arriving for the likes of the Eve Aqua, Flare Lamp and MotionBlinds and it used CES 2024 to announce the Eve Energy Outlet.


Meross is keen to push its app as an ideal Matter controller and, in terms of devices, has gone live with the Meross Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini (MSS115) in the US and the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini (Matter MSS315) in the UK and the EU.


In March 2023, Nanoleaf introduced a new Matter-enabled Nanoleaf Essentials line, comprising of three smart bulbs – A19, GU10 and BR30 fittings – alongside a lightstrip, with each offering the typical array of 16 million colors and control over color temperature.

Nanoleaf also has plans to launch its Sense+ in the coming months with both the light switches teaming up with the new Skylight, all of which will be Matter enabled. We’re also assured the new Nanoleaf 4D system will get a Matter upgrade at some point too and there’s some Matter fun to be had at Christmas too with the Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Smart Holiday String Lights.

Nanoleaf legacy products such as Shapes, Canvas, Elements and Lines are all set to get a Matter OTA update too and we’re told these will all also act as Thread border routers as well.

At CES 2024, Nanoleaf took the covers off of the latest Nanoleaf Essentials devices, which include outdoor lights – and these are all Matter over Wi-Fi compatible.

Aqara smart home devices


Aqara announced last that Hub M2 users can now receive support for Matter through a beta firmware update.

Other Aqara hubs – like the Hub M1S (Gen 1 and Gen 2), Hub E1, Camera Hub G3 and Camera Hub G2H Pro – will be receiving the update over “the coming months”.

Aqara Hubs act as a Matter bridge in order to get its vast array of smart home devices up and running with your Matter smart home; the brand states over 40 devices will be supported.

Aqara also took the covers off of its first native Matter device; the Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 is a Thread device that will work with any Matter controller.

The big news though is that Aqara also has its own Matter controller / Thread border router in the works; we’re told that the M3 Hub will arrive early in 2024, alongside the Aqara Smart Lock U300 and the Aqara Border Router Plug.

matter robo cleaner


Roborock was the first brand to announce a Matter robot vacuum cleaner at CES 2024: the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra.

As mentioned, robo cleaners were one of the new device categories added by the CSA back in October, when it launched Matter 1.2.


Ecovacs also used CES to take the covers off of a Matter compatible robot vacuum cleaner. While Ecovacs can’t quite match the 10,000Pa suction of the S8 MaxV Ultra, the Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo boasts a unique feature we’ve not yet seen from a high-end robo cleane

The Combo part of the name is because, on the auto-empty dock, there’s also space for the accompanying handheld vacuum cleaner.

Originally slated for a late 2022 launch, TP-Link’s Matter were slightly delayed, but there’s plenty coming across both the Tapo and Kasa brands.

TP-Link tells us that “at least 10 Matter-compatible products across a broad range of categories, including plugs, switches, bulbs, and hubs, will be available [and] Tapo will also bring to market a new version of the Tapo App with support for Matter, allowing users to integrate all Matter-supported devices within one ecosystem.”

The first fruits here are the Tapo Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch and the Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch, which went on sale in June 2023, followed by the Tapo P110M smart plug.

Govee matter lightstrip behind TV


Govee launched the LED Strip Light M1 in May 2023, which is Matter compatible out of the box.

Packing an industry-leading 60 light beads per meter, the result is the highest luminosity of any 2m lightstrip on the market.

At CES 2024 the Chinese brand revealed the Govee AI Sync Box Kit 2 and the Neon Rope Light 2, both of which are going to be Matter compatible when they launch later this year.


The Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp and the Yeelight Pro smart lighting series are available now and the Chinese brand has promised more Matter devices in the near future.


Using the bridge model that Hue and Aqara have favored, SwitchBot has made its SwitchBot Hub 2 Matter compatible, so the likes of its curtain motor and blind controls can be used in a Matter smart home setup.

Yale smart lock with Matter


The Yale Assure Lock SL had the honor of being the first Matter smart lock. It’s not actually a new lock, but you can now get a Matter module (powered by Thread) that pops inside.

Yale also sells the Assure with other connectivity options via the module system including Z-Wave and HomeKit.


Lighting solution specialist Leviton has a number of Matter compatible devices now available including the Decora Smart Dimmer Plug Wi-Fi (2nd gen) and the Decora Smart Switch Wi-Fi (2nd gen).


Touted as one of the world’s first Matter Wi-Fi deadbolts, the Ultraloq Bolt Matter Fingerprint Edition was the first Matter-over-Thread smart lock to feature a fingerprint reader.

The Ultraloq Bolt Matter Fingerprint Edition features not only fingerprint recognition, but also unlocking options such as passcodes, mobile app access and backup keys.

Ultion Nuki

The Ultion Nuki Plus smart lock was already smarter than many of its competitors, offering compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa among others, but the addition of Matter support gives it the capability to work across these platforms too.

Matter devices you can buy now

Matter is evolving all of the time and new devices seem to be getting announced daily. Some of these devices immediately and some seem to vanish into the ether (we’re looking at you, Belkin.)

Below is a list of, we think, pretty much all the Matter smart home devices that you can buy right now (at the time of writing, obviously)… not including the controllers and Thread border routers that we already announced up top.

Type Device Connection
Matter bridges 1Home Server for KNX Ethernet
Matter bridges 1Home Server for Loxone Ethernet
Matter bridges Aqara Camera-Hub G3 Wi-Fi
Matter bridges Aqara Hub E1 Wi-Fi
Matter bridges Aqara Hub M1S Wi-Fi
Matter bridges Aqara Hub M2 Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Matter bridges Atios Atios KNX Bridge Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Matter bridges Atios Atios SmartCore Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Matter bridges Homee Homee Cube Wi-Fi
Matter bridges Ikea Dirigera Hub Ethernet
Matter bridges Loxone Miniserver Ethernet
Matter bridges Mediola Matter-Bridge (OEM) Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Matter bridges Mediola Matter-Bridge for Homematic IP Wi-Fi
Matter bridges Mediola Matter-Bridge for Somfy RTS Wi-Fi
Matter bridges Nature Remo nano IR Blaster Wi-Fi
Matter bridges Sonoff iHost Smart Home Hub Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Matter bridges SwitchBot Hub 2 Wi-Fi
Matter bridges Ubisys Gateway G1 Ethernet
Matter bridges Zemismart Zigbee-Hub M1 Ethernet
Smart blinds Coulisse Motionblinds Thread
Smart blinds Eve Systems Eve MotionBlinds Thread
Smart blinds Jalousiescout Smart-Home-Bridge JS Wi-Fi
Smart blinds SmartWings Matter Shades Thread
Smart blinds Zemismart Matter MT01 Curtain Slide Thread
Smart blinds Zemismart Matter Roller Shade Motor Wi-Fi
Smart lights GE Lighting Cync Full Color A194 Wi-Fi
Smart lights Govee Strip Light Matter M1 Wi-Fi
Smart lights Innovation Matters Matter-to-DALI-Bridge Wi-Fi
Smart lights Ledvance Smart+ Lamps Wi-Fi
Smart lights Lifx Outdoor Neon Flex Wi-Fi
Smart lights Lifx Outdoor Path Light Wi-Fi
Smart lights Lifx Outdoor Spot Light Wi-Fi
Smart lights Lifx Super Color Flood Light Wi-Fi
Smart lights Lifx Super Color Smart Light Wi-Fi
Smart lights Nanoleaf Essentials Matter A19 Thread
Smart lights Nanoleaf Essentials Matter GU10 Thread
Smart lights Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Lightstrip Thread
Smart lights Nanoleaf Matter Smart Holiday String Lights Wi-Fi
Smart lights Nanoleaf Umbra Cono Thread
Smart lights Nanoleaf Umbra Cup Thread
Smart lights Philips Hue Bridge Ethernet
Smart lights Razer Aether Lamp / Aether Lamp Pro Wi-Fi
Smart lights Tridonic Wireless Matter LED Driver Thread
Smart lights Tridonic Wireless Matter to DALI Active Module Thread
Smart lights Tridonic Wireless Matter to DALI Passive Module Thread
Smart lights Tridonic Wireless Matter to DALI SR Thread
Smart lights Wiz Lighting system Wi-Fi
Smart lights Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp Wi-Fi
Smart lights Yeelight Yeelight Pro (with Gateway) Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Smart lights Zemismart Matter Smart Downlight Wi-Fi
Smart lights Zemismart Matter Wi-Fi Bulb Wi-Fi
Smart locks Nuki Smart Lock (4th-gen.) Thread
Smart locks Yale Assure retrofit module Thread
Smart locks Yale Yale Assure Lock SL Thread
Smart plugs Ecoflow Smart Plug Wi-Fi
Smart plugs Eve Systems Eve Energy Thread
Smart plugs GE Lighting Cync Indoor Smart Plug4 Wi-Fi
Smart plugs Hama Smart Wi-Fi Plug Wi-Fi
Smart plugs Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer Plug Wi-Fi (2nd-gen) Wi-Fi
Smart plugs Leviton Decora Smart Plug Wi-Fi (2nd-gen) Wi-Fi
Smart plugs Meross Smart WiFi Plug Mini Wi-Fi
Smart plugs Onvis Smart Plug S4 Thread
Smart plugs TP-Link Tapo Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug Wi-Fi
Smart plugs TP-Link Tapo P100M Wi-Fi
Smart plugs TP-Link Tapo P110M Wi-Fi
Smart sensors Aqara Door/Window Sensor P2 Thread
Smart sensors Aqara Motion/Light Sensor P2 Thread
Smart sensors Eve Systems Eve Door & Window Thread
Smart sensors Eve Systems Eve Motion Thread
Smart sensors Tuo Tuo Contact Sensor Thread
Smart switches Eltako Dimmaktor EUD62NPN-IPM Wi-Fi
Smart switches Eve Systems Eve Energy Outlet Thread
Smart switches Innovation matters Matter Pushbutton Coupler Wi-Fi
Smart switches Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer Switch Wi-Fi (2nd-gen) Wi-Fi
Smart switches Leviton Decora Smart Switch Wi-Fi (2nd-gen) Wi-Fi
Smart switches Orvibo MixDimmer Wi-Fi
Smart switches Sonoff Mini Extreme Wi-Fi-Smart Switch Wi-Fi
Smart switches TP-Link Tapo S505 Smart Light Switch Wi-Fi
Smart switches TP-Link Tapo S505D Smart Light Switch/Dimmer Wi-Fi
Smart switches Zemismart Matter Wi-Fi Smart Switch Wi-Fi
Smart thermostats Eberle Controls Thermostat UTE 3500 Wi-Fi
Smart thermostats Eberle Controls Thermostat UTE 3800-U Wi-Fi
Smart thermostats Google Nest Thermostat Wi-Fi
Smart TVs LG TVs with webOS 23 Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Smart TVs Philips TV OLED809, OLED+909, OLED+959 Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Smart TVs Samsung TVs with SmartThings Hub Wi-Fi or Ethernet

More Matter devices coming soon

The situation with Matter is constantly evolving and there are a plethora of smart home brands and devices set to go live in 2024 that we’ve not mentioned above.

The list above is just scratching the surface – there’s a whole bunch of brands who have revealed plans (and in some cases already have certification in place) to join the Matter revolution in 2024 with new devices including – deep breath – Whirlpool, Mui, Arlo, Cync, Brilliant, Belkin, Sengled, Schlage, Schneider, Veea, Eltako, Flic, Level, Tridonic, Comcast, Netatmo, Lockly, Shelly, Comcast, TCL, Bosch, Mediola, Roborock, Ecovacs and Eria.

Get started with Matter

Here are our guides to getting your Matter smart home up and running…

How to add Matter devices to Alexa

How to add Matter devices to your Apple Home app

How to add Matter devices to Google Home

How to add Matter devices to SmartThings

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