Scarlett Johansson Is On the Move in Prada Galleria Ad

Scarlett Johansson Prada Galleria 2024 Ad Campaign

In a blend of performance and fashion, Scarlett Johansson reprises her role as the face of the Prada Galleria handbag for the 2024 campaign, with Jonathan Glazer as director. The advertisements feature the famous actress, a mix of still and motion imagery, unfurling in New York City and the confines of a studio.

The works capture Johansson in scenes that parallel the multifaceted persona of the Prada Galleria. The campaign film features the star clad in an oversized coat complemented by the classic Galleria in a versatile neutral tone, navigating the city’s landscape.

Scarlett Johansson for Prada Galleria Handbag 2024 Ad

Captured in New York City, Scarlett Johansson fronts Prada Galleria handbag campaign for 2024.

The juxtaposition of her fluid motion against the static urban backdrop highlights the Galleria as an emblem of timelessness amidst the ever-changing cityscape.

In contrast to the candidness of the street scenes, the film offers a glimpse into the deliberate craft of performance. A sequence of black and white studio portraits captures Johansson in a transformation process.

The repetition of phrases with varied inflection underscores the depth of her craft. As Johansson’s expressions shift, so does the perceived character of the Prada bag, showcasing its ability to be more than just an object but a companion to the complexities of the contemporary woman.


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