Samsung Galaxy A55 vs Galaxy S24 comparison guide

Choosing a new smartphone can be daunting, with a vast array of options available. If you’re torn between the Samsung Galaxy A55 and the Galaxy S24, this Samsung Galaxy A55 vs Galaxy S24 comparison will clarify their differences to inform your decision. The A55, at around £440, is a mid-tier contender, whereas the S24, at nearly double the cost, is a high-end flagship. Let’s dive into what sets these phones apart to determine which aligns with your needs and budget.

The Galaxy A55 and S24 feature sturdy aluminum frames, with the S24’s “Armor Aluminum” promising extra resilience against drops and scratches. The A55 is slightly bulkier with more pronounced bezels, which might influence its ergonomics and portability, especially for those who prefer a more compact device. Both smartphones support dual 5G SIMs, ensuring compatibility with the latest cellular networks. However, the A55 has the added benefit of an SD card slot for additional storage, a feature the S24 lacks. This expandability option may be crucial for users who require ample storage space for their media, documents, and apps without relying solely on cloud services or the device’s internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy A55 vs Galaxy S24

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Display Quality and Screen Protection

Experience smooth visuals on both devices, thanks to their 120Hz refresh rate displays, which deliver fluid scrolling and animations. The S24, however, boasts a more advanced LPTO AMOLED screen with superior brightness and color accuracy, offering a more vibrant and immersive viewing experience. The S24 also features the latest Gorilla Glass protection, ensuring enhanced durability against scratches and cracks. This added layer of protection is especially valuable for users who are prone to accidental drops or use their devices in challenging environments.

Battery Life and Charging Capabilities

While the A55 does not support wireless charging, the S24 includes this convenient feature along with reverse wireless charging capabilities, allowing you to charge compatible devices like earbuds or smartwatches on the go. The A55’s larger 5,000mAh battery suggests extended battery life, making it suitable for users who prioritize long-lasting power. However, the S24’s efficient chipset and advanced power management techniques may level the playing field, ensuring optimal battery performance despite its slightly smaller capacity. Both devices support fast charging, enabling quick top-ups when needed.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Colour Options

Performance & Storage

The S24’s performance is region-dependent, with the Snapdragon chipset outshining the Exynos model in the UK. This distinction is crucial for users who prioritize raw processing power and graphics performance, especially for demanding tasks like gaming or video editing. The S24 also offers faster UFS storage, particularly in higher capacity variants, improving app and game load times for a snappier user experience.

Camera Capabilities

Both phones boast a 50MP main camera, delivering detailed and vibrant images. However, the A55 opts for a macro camera over the S24’s telephoto lens, which may be a deciding factor for users who frequently capture distant subjects or require optical zoom capabilities. Video aficionados will appreciate the S24’s 8K 30fps recording capability, a step up from the A55’s 4K 30fps limit, for crisper, higher-resolution videos that retain more detail when cropped or edited.

Biometric Security

The A55 features an optical fingerprint scanner for biometric security, whereas the S24 uses a more sophisticated ultrasonic scanner, potentially offering quicker and more secure access. This advanced technology is less susceptible to spoofing attempts and works reliably even with wet or dirty fingers.


The S24 edges out with Wi-Fi 6E compatibility, ensuring faster and more stable connections, especially in congested areas. It also supports Samsung Dex, transforming the device into a makeshift desktop when connected to an external display. These perks are absent in the A55. Additionally, the S24 comes with Samsung Galaxy AI enhancements, like smart keyboard functions and web page summarization, for a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

Comparison Guide Summary

Samsung Galaxy A55 Specifications

  • Price: Mid-range, approximately £440 in the UK.
  • Design & Build: Thicker bezels, slightly larger and heavier body. Aluminum frame.
  • Display:
    • 6.6-inch screen, 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+.
    • Peak brightness of 1,000 nits.
  • Battery & Charging:
    • 5,000mAh battery.
    • 25W wired charging; no wireless charging.
  • Performance: Powered by Samsung’s Exynos 1480 chipset.
  • Camera:
    • Triple camera setup: Identical primary and ultra-wide sensors as S24; a 5MP macro camera instead of a telephoto lens.
    • Selfie camera: 32MP sensor.
  • Storage: Supports dual 5G SIMs or one SIM and an SD card up to 1TB.
  • Connectivity: Uses USB-C 2.0 port; slower data transfer speeds compared to S24.
  • Software Features: Lacks the advanced AI features found in the S24.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Specifications

  • Price: Flagship, nearly double the A55’s price.
  • Design & Build: Slimmer bezels, lighter and more compact. Armor aluminum frame for enhanced durability.
  • Display:
    • Smaller screen than A55 but brighter and more pixel-dense. LTPO AMOLED panel.
    • Peak brightness of 2,600 nits.
  • Battery & Charging:
    • 4,000mAh battery.
    • Supports 15W Qi wireless charging and 4.5W reverse wireless charging.
  • Performance: Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset in some regions, offering superior performance over A55’s Exynos.
  • Camera:
    • Triple camera setup: Similar primary and ultra-wide sensors as A55; includes a 10MP telephoto camera.
    • Selfie camera: 12MP sensor.
  • Storage: No SD card support; fixed storage options with higher price jumps between sizes.
  • Connectivity: USB-C 3.2 port allowing for faster data transfer and display port capabilities.
  • Software Features: Includes Samsung Galaxy AI for enhanced typing, summarization, and other smart tasks.
  • Additional Features:
    • Wi-Fi 6E support.
    • Samsung Dex capability for a desktop computing experience.

Key Differences to Consider

  • Price vs. Performance: The S24’s higher price tag brings in premium features and superior performance.
  • Battery and Charging: A55 offers a larger battery but lacks wireless charging capabilities.
  • Camera Capabilities: The S24 provides a more versatile camera setup with its telephoto lens.
  • Advanced Features: S24’s inclusion of Samsung Galaxy AI, better connectivity options, and exclusive features like Samsung Dex make it a more cutting-edge choice.
  • Build and Design: S24’s armor aluminum frame and higher build quality cater to durability and premium feel.

Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy A55 and S24 cater to distinct market segments. The A55 is a commendable mid-range option, providing solid value with its expandable storage and hefty battery. In contrast, the S24 is a feature-rich flagship, boasting advancements like wireless charging, a high-efficiency chipset, superior display technology, and advanced camera capabilities. Your selection hinges on your financial flexibility and how much you value aspects such as performance, display quality, camera versatility, and extra features like Samsung Dex and AI enhancements. Consider your priorities and budget to determine which device best aligns with your needs and lifestyle.

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