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Established in 1956 by Romualdo Dori, Rodo is the luxury accessories label that perfectly exudes the quality and elegance that go hand in hand with Italy. Offering a range of luxury bags and footwear, all the pieces are lovingly crafted by talented artisans, ensuring the excellence for which the brand has become synonymous. Today, it’s a family affair with the two daughters, Martina Dori and Giorgio Dori at the helm, handling the creative direction of the brand. Rodo’s CEO, Gianni Dori shares insight into this luxury accessories house, from its aesthetic through to the process, and customer.

Rodo Fashion Tell us about the heritage of Rodo?
Born as an artisan brand in 1956 thanks to the creativity and experience of its founder, Romualdo Dori, from which derives the acronym that created the brand’s name. Today, the label is firmly guided by the founder’s sons Gianni and Maurizio Dori, who at the same time are assisted with great enthusiasm and commitment by their children. A history of excellence both for the quality of the materials used and the personnel involved, a sign of the highest level of ‘made in Italy’.

Rodo Fashion Rodo Fashion

How would you describe the style of Rodo?
Uniqueness, quality, craftsmanship, refinement, and sustainability, in one word luxury. These are the cornerstones of a style that has established itself internationally and which today still represents the emblem of elegance and creativity. Today, the brand wants to evolve, preserving its style. Modernity lies in the research of new materials and techniques.

Rodo Fashion What are the core pillars of the company?
Craftsmanship, savoir-faire, quality and elegance. From the very beginning, Rodo distinguishes itself for the interweaving of midollino and straw. It starts the process from the raw material research. Only after, skilled artisans will start their work of interweaving. The same thing for other materials, different from midollino and wicker. Artisans and savor-faire are at the foundations of all Rodo creations.

Rodo Fashion Who is your customer?
Rodo is present in luxury boutiques all around the world, from Milan and Paris to London, Moscow, Los Angeles, Singapore, and Shanghai. Our esteemed customers can be found all over the globe and are recognized for their style.

Rodo Fashion Rodo Fashion

How are you evolving the brand to appeal, whilst staying true to its rich history? Maintaining the quality and uniqueness of our products is central to our process, and this is timeless.

Which markets does Rodo do best in?
Rodo does very well in Asia and SEA as well as Europe, including the UK, and we have a presence in Harrods and Selfridges. We have also had efforts for the last two seasons in Australia with the opening of David Jones, the Luxury Department Store in Sydney, and in the Philippines with Rustan in Manila.

Currently, which collection are you designing and what is the inspiration behind it?
Currently, Rodo is designing the FW 2024/2025 collection — the inspiration is top secret!

What have been your career highlights to date?
The best highlights include the opening of the Rodo boutique in Milan, as well as the one in Beijing. Another emotional moment has also been, last month when we saw the presentation of our vintage bags at Selfridges, which had never been done before in such a way.

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