Rode MagSafe mount lets you easily attach video lights and mics to your iPhone

While shooting professional-standard video is possible with an iPhone, it generally requires the use of accessories like lighting and external microphones. The new Rode MagSafe mount is designed to let you do this at an affordable price.

If your video accessory needs are more demanding, there’s also a MagSafe Phone Cage with five cold shoe mounts, as well as plenty of 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch threads for use with tripods, handles and other accessories …

Apple often proudly proclaims that both independent movies and its own video productions were ‘shot on iPhone’ – but the reality is usually rather different from someone just holding an iPhone in their hands.

For example, the entire Scary Fast Apple event in October was shot entirely on an iPhone 15 Pro, but a behind-the-scenes video revealed some of the cinema-grade pro lighting setups and floating rigs used.

Among the more affordable accessories Apple employed were iPhone ‘cages’: metal frames with attachment points for things like on-board lighting and wireless mic receivers. These generally involve screw-on clamps to hold the iPhone, but Rode’s new accessories allow you to use MagSafe instead. This makes it quicker to attach and detach than conventional cages.

If you just want to add a mic (or wireless receiver) and a light, the $90 Magnetic Mount will do the job.

The Magnetic Mount is a versatile magnetic mounting system for attaching microphones, lights and other accessories to any MagSafe iPhone or other smartphone with a MagSafe-compatible case. It features an ultra-strong magnet for complete security, even with vigorous use, and comes with three removable attachments for maximum flexibility.

This includes both short and long cold shoe arms for shooting in landscape or portrait mode, plus a long arm for mounting your smartphone onto a tripod, handle or desktop arm for use in a wide range of video or content creation applications.

If you need more accessories, then the $120 Phone Cage would be the better bet.

Turn your smartphone into a professional filmmaking rig with the Phone Cage. Featuring an ultra-secure mounting system for attaching a MagSafe® iPhone® or other smartphone with a MagSafe-compatible case, cable management slots, five cold shoe mounts for attaching microphones and lights, and a wide array of 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch threads for use with tripods, handles and other accessories, it is the perfect solution for elevating your smartphone content.

The cage can also act as a double-handed handle for greater stability when shooting hand-held footage,

We’ll bring you a review of both devices when we’ve had a chance to use them.

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