Repossi, Limited Edition No.4

Twice a year, in March and September, Repossi unveils a rare creation produced in Limited Edition, only 15 pieces to be precise. The concept: of Limited Editions is an ode to creativity as it perfectly encapsulates Repossi’s DNA and approach to the jewellery world, giving carte blanche to the Design Studio. Here, the Maison’s avant-gardism and the Place Vendôme’s know-how of excellence, are combined in the form of Limited Editions to offer special moments twice a year.

For the Limited Edition N4, the luxury jewelry brand has unveiled a yellow gold unisex ring, playing with two bands with different widths and an understated gap, and it comes complete with a poem engraved with black lacquer using the ancestral craftsmanship technique of gold engraving and hand-applied lacquer: “A Golden Ever Looping Gold for Ever, Metal Emotion.”

Repossi jewel

For this special piece, Gaia Repossi looked into the poetical ideals that surround the body and messages fusing together, creating a holistic element, known as the body. The outcome? Well, it’s an inspirational and poetical research into the blend of black lacquer over yellow gold enhanced by the gold engraving technique creating an inimitable piece that reflects the Maison’s exaltation over ancient tribes and artistry ancestral techniques. A message tattooed on the skin that refers to Alberto Repossi’s emblematic bracelet is “Phrase”.

This is also the first time Repossi has stamped the “R” monogram on a piece as a nod to the Maison. This piece of art is the fourth creation of the Limited Edition and is now available in Repossi’s boutique.

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