New Toyota GR Yaris starts at £44,250 OTR

Toyota has revealed the pricing for the new GR Yaris in the UK, the car starts at £44,250 on the road, this is for the 6-speed intelligent manual model. If you want the 8-speed Gazoo Racing Direct Automatic model, pricing starts at £45,750.

There are also two special edition versions available, the GR Yaris Ogier Edition with a 6-speed intelligent manual and the GR Yaris Rovanpera Edition, also with the 6-speed intelligent manual transmission, both special edition models start at £60,000.

New Toyota GR Yaris

The new GR Yaris gets a serious upgrade with a beefed-up turbo three-cylinder engine pushing out more power and torque, now hitting 276hp and 390Nm. It also introduces an optional, super-responsive eight-speed Gazoo Racing Direct Automatic Transmission for lightning-quick shifts.

The GR Yaris’ unique chassis is now stronger, and the interior has been revamped for a genuine sports car vibe, perfect for both daily drives and racing. Handling is tighter thanks to tweaked suspension, including firmer springs and a more robust front shock setup. It sticks with Toyota’s GR-FOUR all-wheel drive, ensuring smooth power distribution and tight control with its high-response coupling and two Torsen limited-slip differentials for a solid, intuitive drive.

New Toyota GR Yaris

You can find out more information about the new Toyota GR Yaris range over at Toyota at the link below, we suspect that this new release will sell out quickly like the previous model.

Source Toyota

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