New Arduino Portenta Mid Carrier and the Arduino Pro 4G Module

During this months Embedded World 2024 show the official Arduino team have unveiled two new products specifically designed for prototyping and IoT connectivity. The Arduino Portenta Mid Carrier and the Arduino Pro 4G Module are the newest additions to the Arduino Pro range, designed to enhance your projects with unparalleled connectivity and prototyping flexibility.

With these tools, you can effortlessly integrate high-density signals, ensure secure data transfer, and enjoy global coverage with high-speed data throughput. Whether you’re working on a smart city infrastructure project or developing a remote monitoring system for industrial equipment, these Arduino Pro connectivity solutions will empower you to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


  • Arduino Portenta Mid Carrier:
    • Compatible with Portenta C33, H7, and X8
    • Interfaces: CAN lines, Ethernet, microSD, USB, camera
    • Dedicated headers for high-density signals
    • Debug pins and RTC battery backup
  • Arduino Pro 4G Module:
    • Integrated with Portenta family
    • Powered by Quectel Cat.4 modem
    • High-speed data throughput and bandwidth
    • Secure data transfer
    • Global coverage
    • Mini PCIe form factor

Maximize Your Prototyping Potential with the Portenta Mid Carrier

The Portenta Mid Carrier is the ultimate companion for your Portenta boards, offering a seamless prototyping experience with expanded connectivity options. Whether you’re working on machine vision or cellular connectivity projects, this carrier provides you with the necessary interfaces and headers to bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently. Its compatibility with various Portenta boards, such as the Portenta C33, H7, and X8, ensures that it can adapt to your evolving development needs without any hassle.

Imagine being able to rapidly prototype a smart security camera system with the Portenta Mid Carrier and the Portenta H7. The carrier’s dedicated camera interface allows you to connect high-resolution cameras effortlessly, while the Ethernet and USB ports enable you to transmit data securely and reliably. With the Portenta Mid Carrier, you can focus on developing innovative features and functionality, knowing that the hardware foundation is rock-solid and ready to support your vision.

Revolutionize Connectivity with the Arduino Pro 4G Module

The Arduino Pro 4G Module is engineered to take your connectivity to the next level. Featuring a robust Cat.4 modem from Quectel, this module offers lightning-fast data throughput and high bandwidths, ensuring that your projects stay connected even in the most remote locations. The Mini PCIe form factor makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications, from remote maintenance to building safety inspections. With the Arduino Pro 4G Module, you can count on secure and cost-efficient flexibility for all your connectivity needs.

Imagine deploying a fleet of autonomous drones equipped with the Arduino Pro 4G Module for aerial inspections of critical infrastructure. The module’s global coverage and high-speed data throughput allow you to receive real-time video feeds and sensor data from the drones, enabling you to make informed decisions and respond to potential issues promptly. The secure data transfer capabilities of the module ensure that sensitive information remains protected, giving you peace of mind as you push the boundaries of what’s possible with IoT connectivity.

Unlock New Possibilities with Arduino Pro Connectivity Solutions

The combination of the Arduino Portenta Mid Carrier and the Arduino Pro 4G Module opens up a world of possibilities for your projects. Whether you’re developing a smart agriculture system that monitors soil moisture and crop health or creating a connected vehicle platform for fleet management, these tools provide the foundation you need to succeed.

With the Portenta Mid Carrier, you can easily integrate sensors, actuators, and communication modules, while the Arduino Pro 4G Module ensures reliable and secure connectivity, even in challenging environments. The modular nature of these solutions allows you to scale your projects seamlessly, from proof-of-concept to full-scale deployment, without compromising on performance or flexibility. For more information on the two new arrivals jump over to the official Arduino website for the the Arduino Portenta Mid Carrier and the Arduino Pro 4G Module.

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