Michael Kors Unveils Tribeca Bag: A Nod to NYC Style

Michael Kors Tribeca Bag 2024 Campaign

Michael Kors celebrates the vibrant spirit of New York City’s renowned neighborhood with the debut of the Tribeca shoulder bag. Crafted with the softest quilted leather, the Tribeca exudes timeless elegance, easily blending into the city’s dynamic rhythm.

The popular handbag brand features a distinctive push-lock fastening that gleams with a high polish, reminiscent of the city’s sparkling skyline. At the same time, the versatile chain-link strap, adjustable to your preference, enhances the design’s functionality.

Michael Kors Tribeca Bag 2024 Campaign

Luxurious and stacked: Michael Kors Tribeca bags in red, black, and camel for 2024.

Whether draped over your shoulder or worn as a crossbody, the Tribeca brings a touch of New York chic to any ensemble. The campaign, brought to life by model Evie Harris, captures the essence of city life, highlighting the bag’s allure in rich toffee brown and a bold red hue. Each color tells its own story, a narrative of style and sophistication that resonates with the label.

The array of shades, including vibrant blue, pristine ivory white, and a delicate pastel pink, ensures a match for every mood and moment. It’s a versatile accessory designed to navigate the bustling city streets or add a statement to a refined evening look.

Evie Harris clasps a caramel Tribeca bag, complementing her tan leather jacket in the Michael Kors campaign.

Following the architectural homage of the Empire Signature Logo collection, the Tribeca bag is a continuation of Michael Kors’ celebration of urban aesthetics. The design embodies the architectural diversity and the cultural heartbeat of its namesake.


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