LYMA, Longevity and the Art of Aging Well

When you look in the mirror, asking yourself questions is natural. Are you properly addressing the eight key mechanisms of aging? Are you making the most of your mitochondrial function? Are you taking advantage of the advances in Genolytic™ technology? Are you listening closely enough to skin consultants and eminent epigenetic skin scientists? Plus, are you getting enough beta glucans and doing enough to increase keratin synthesis? Should you invest in a Lyma laser and a new, data-driven, peerless skin protocol regimen? Have you thought about photobiomodulating? You need to know the science before you decide.

LYMA Laser Red
LYMA Laser Red

“Skin aging can be roughly divided into intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging,” explains Dr. Graeme Glass MD PhD, Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery, and Aesthetic Director of London-based LYMA, founded by Lucy Goff, a former fashion and luxury publicist.

Intrinsic aging is the inherent propensity in all of us to age down to our genetic pre-programming. It happens to everyone. Extrinsic aging results from cumulative environmental exposures that damage our tissues and accelerate aging via ultraviolet radiation, smoking, alcohol consumption, and dietary factors.

LYMA Skin Protocol

Instead of superficially treating the top 20% of cells in the skin, LYMA’s Genolytic™ technology targets the remaining 80% of living cells that conventional formulas cannot reach. Cellular energy is supercharged, mitochondrial decline is lessened, and active cell renewal is accelerated.

Says Goff, “The holy grail is to change the age of the dermis and fundamentally shift the aging mechanisms at a cellular level. Cracking that code has taken a long time. While most skincare products contain around 80% water and 20% ‘active’ ingredients, Lyma’s products offer the opposite; they’re highly potent. We use anti-inflammatory ingredients that replenish that blood supply by boosting microcirculation, increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells to increase innate immunity and immune regulation. Having suffered complications following the birth of my daughter, I battled septicemia. My body was at rock bottom. I couldn’t function as a Mum and was prescribed supplements by a Swiss longevity professor. After, I felt revitalized. Before that, I had little faith in the pharma and supplement industries.” 

LYMA Mist & Glide

LYMA launched in 2018. The LYMA Laser is reportedly 100 times more powerful than a typical LED mask. It’s the first-ever FDA-cleared clinic-grade laser you can use on your sofa at home. The majority of existing conventional skincare products only benefit surface cells. LYMA developed a patented system using a specific type of liposome small enough for high skin absorption that releases the entrapped ingredients as the membranes merge with the skin, increasing the penetration of the active ingredients throughout different skin layers.

As Goff points out, “We think our DNA is set in stone, but over our lifetime, our gene expression changes by what our body is exposed to. LYMA Skincare provides the opportunity to turn back the epigenetic clock. You can dial down the factors that promote collagen degradation and the breaking down of structural proteins and, likewise, dial up the factors that regenerate and re-energize skin.” 

LYMA Laser Starter Kit Red
LYMA Laser Starter Kit Red

Peer-reviewed LYMA Skincare is delivered in a $500 two-step serum and cream program. The Supplement ($250), formulated by top pharmaco-nutritionist Dr. Paul Clayton, supports collagen production. The actives in LYMA Skincare change cellular behavior and, working in conjunction with the LYMA Laser, boost the transportation of molecules and the uptake of active ingredients into the skin.

LYMA Vessel + supplements

Adds Goff, “It’s a complete ecosystem of skin health. The original version of the LYMA Laser’s technology was a gigantic floor-standing machine. Over 120 iterations later, we got it down to a portable, painless, and yet incredibly powerful little device. Because it’s completely “cold,” it’s safe and effective for all skin types and tones. It features low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to deeply penetrate the skin and heats up cells by a minuscule 100th of a degree – the exact temperature to trigger a genetic switch to switch off the cells. It’s all backed by solid science. I’m 50, and my skin looks better than it did in my 30’s, and that’s entirely down to LYMA and hard work!”

So, it seems you no longer have to look yourself in the mirror and wonder ever again whether you are using the right trans-dermal topical delivery system, increasing the diffusion of lipid-soluble compounds while enhancing the uptake of water-soluble compounds. So, no more looking sorrowfully at yourself in that mirror and frowning at cell senescence and the degradation of your precious extracellular matrix! Using the laser allows you to be a leader in longevity!

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