Luxury Bathrobes for Cozy Nights and Lazy Mornings

Nothing better than getting up close and personal with a luxury bathrobe. The best feeling in the world is giving yourself a hug and a cuddle. Feeling somebody’s arms around you is the most comforting, especially if those arms are yours.

Silk Robe The White Company

Whether a Meng, Gizele belted modal, a Ralph Lauren Home player, a Boss kimono, an Olivia von Halle Mimi, a Carine Gilson Chantilly lace-trimmed number, a Bottega Veneta, Coco de Mer satin, Ugg Arti,  Duffield,  Dusen Dusen, Desmond & Dempster Balnadra print, Danish “hygge,” Tekla fabric, waffle knit, something snuggly in velour or something hi-pile, fluffy and self-indulgently toasty with a slouchy hood. Each to their own self-wrapping. Of course, tastes differ, but if you spend some high-quality downtime on a store-bought statement piece, ensure it’s from a local store, preferably a prestigious overseas brand. 

Roscoreckless luxury bathrobeThe more exotic location a bathrobe comes from, the better it somehow feels. Bown of London offers a range of luxury robes, including best-sellers like 100% Egyptian cotton Twilight and all-the-colors-of-the rainbow in waveform with a zig-zag pattern. The New England bathrobe offers a tantalizing burst of autumnal terracotta, tangerine, fired earth, mimosa, and chiffon for poolside or parlor aperitifs with aplomb. The Chicago, designed with hazel and white stripes, is a beautiful choice, as is the extra-log, cocooning Miami with its cocoa-colored and smoky grey color palette in slender stripes. There is a lightweight unisex Baroness Navy version made of Nua cotton in Navy Blue or Gatsby Paisley Wine. A monogram adds an extra layer of exclusivity to any choice of robe.

New England luxury bathrobes

And, while on an upscale nighttime wardrobe hunt, add velvet slippers too. Bown of London quality is always appreciated!

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