Lily Collins’ Parisian Chic Moments with Cartier Bags

Lily Collins Cartier Bag 2024 Ad Campaign

Lily Collins carries the elegance of Cartier through the heart of Paris in a striking new photoshoot featuring leather handbags. Captured amidst the bustling charm of iconic locales, from the serene Tuileries to the streets of Montmartre, Collins showcases the luxurious Panthère and C de Cartier collections with effortless grace.

Lily Collins for Cartier Bags 2024 Photoshoot

Amidst a floral embrace, Lily Collins complements Cartier's Panthère bag with classic elegance.

The “Emily in Paris” star is a vision in six diverse images, each frame a narrative of style and sophistication. Previously, the actress fronted the Clash de Cartier ad, featuring dazzling gems from the brand.

Croissants and Cartier: Lily Collins pairs Parisian indulgence with C de Cartier bag.

Adorned with accessories ranging from vibrant cherry red to the timeless allure of classic black and emerald green, these bag styles complement her attire and speak a chic language that resonates with the Cartier legacy.

Chic in the city: Lily Collins and an adorable dog stroll with Cartier's latest accessories selection.

Collins, transitioning seamlessly from one Parisian scene to another, holds a bag brimming with fresh bread in one shot and shares a moment with an adorable dog in another. Yet another picture captures her with a bouquet of flowers for a refreshing moment.

This campaign marks another chapter in Collins’ growing portfolio, fresh from her editorial journey in Vogue Scandinavia, where she explored the streets of Copenhagen.


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