LiDAR meets vacuuming: Dyson’s CleanTrace ensures flawless floors

You missed a spot…

Dyson has announced a new product but it’s a little different to its usual product announcements. This isn’t a new vacuum cleaner, a new fan or a new hair styler. This time, the new product comes in the form of a smartphone clamp that you attach to your Dyson Gen5detect vacuum cleaner and new augmented reality (AR) software you access through the MyDyson app.

Dyson CleanTrace is designed to help you determine where you have missed when vacuuming your home to make sure you don’t go over the same area over and over again when there might be another area that requires some of your attention.

The CleanTrace smartphone clamp will attach to your Dyson Gen5detect vacuum cleaner, while software on your phone, together with LiDAR technology, allows the Dyson CleanTrace to map your room and overlay cleaning pathways using AR, showing you where you have cleaned and what you have missed.

Once you’ve finished the vacuuming, you will be able to use the software to scan the room with your smartphone in order to identify any gaps, while the existing technology within the Gen5detect shows a count of dust particles on the screen at the top, giving you proof you’ve cleaned properly and covered all areas.

“We realised that we could all learn a thing or two from the methodical cleaning approach of our robot vacuums” Charlie Park, VP of Engineering at Dyson Home explained.

“Unlike most humans doing the cleaning, Dyson robots know where they are in the room, where they have been, and where they have yet to go. With the Dyson CleanTrace, we add this extra layer of cleaning intelligence to the Gen5detect vacuum. It gives you the ability to see where you have and haven’t cleaned, which, combined with our on-board particle sensing technology, gives proof that the floor is truly clean,” Park added.

The Dyson CleanTrace will be available globally from June 2024. Pricing is still to be confirmed, but to access the software in the MyDyson app, you will need to have registered a Dyson Gen5detect vacuum cleaner. The Dyson CleanTrace phone clamp that attaches to the Dyson Gen5detect will weigh 106g.

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