Kate Moss Spotlights Balenciaga’s Le City Bag in New Ad

Kate Moss Balenciaga Le City Bag 2024 Ad Campaign

Balenciaga marks a new chapter in its legacy with the reintroduction of the Le City handbag with a new ad campaign for 2024. Shot in black and white, the cast includes British supermodel Kate Moss, Chinese actress Yang Chaoyue, and Danish model Mona Tougaard.

The Le City bag is an accessory that has punctuated fashion since its first appearance in 2001. Photographer Mario Sorrenti casts a spotlight on the timeless design through the lens of these modern muses.

Balenciaga Le City Bag 2024 Ad

Mona Tougaard rocks denim outfit in Balenciaga Le City bag 2024 campaign.

Each portrait in the campaign shows the versatility of Le City from the iconic handbag label. Tougaard is captured in a laid-back denim ensemble, exuding effortless chic with the handbag’s understated elegance.

Kate Moss, synonymous with fashion evolution, is draped in faux fur, holding the Le City as a beacon of enduring style. Yang Chaoyue brings a bold edge to Balenciaga, pairing the bag with a sleek leather dress, embodying a harmony of strength and sophistication.

Yang Chaoyue pairs the Balenciaga Le City bag with a leather dress in a new ad.

Echoing the original, the reinvented Le City boasts a 25-panel construction with signature vintage features such as thimble-like studs and reinforced corners. It comes in both medium and small sizes.

The color palette spans from essential black to vibrant yellow, soft light purple, and metallic shades, ensuring a match for every wardrobe.

Following the summer 2024 campaign set against opulent interiors, this series takes a different route, focusing on the elemental beauty of the bag and its bearers.


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