Jennie Captivates in Chanel Première Édition Watch Ad

Jennie Chanel Premiere Edition Originale Watch 2024 Ad Campaign

Jennie from Blackpink is again captivating audiences in her latest project with Chanel. In this fresh campaign, she poses with the Première Édition Originale watch, showcasing a reimagined version of Chanel’s inaugural timepiece.

This new series of advertisements, captured by the renowned photography pair Inez & Vinoodh, finds Jennie amidst the luxurious backdrop of the Ritz Paris on Place Vendôme.

Jennie for Chanel Première Édition Originale Watch 2024 Ad

Posing in bed, Jennie showcases the iconic Première Édition Originale watch from Chanel.

Following her striking appearances in the Coco Crush jewelry campaign, Jennie continues to align with Chanel’s elegant and timeless aesthetic. In this campaign, she is seen in sophisticated all-black ensembles, perfectly complemented by gold detailing that echoes the luxurious design of the watch.

Jennie, poised and elegant, presents the Chanel Première Édition Originale watch while posing at the Ritz Paris.

The Première Édition Originale watch is a statement piece, intertwining the rich heritage of Chanel. Its design draws inspiration from the brand’s iconic elements, including the geometric shape reminiscent of the N°5 fragrance bottle’s stopper.

Wearing a black dress with gold detailing, Jennie exudes sophistication with the Chanel Première Édition Originale timepiece.

The watch’s bracelet, a delicate blend of chain and leather, pays homage to the classic Chanel handbags, further establishing its status as a wearable piece of art. The black-lacquered dial features golden hands and omits numerals, emphasizing the timeless beauty that Chanel stands for.

Jennie’s involvement with fashion doesn’t stop at the French fashion brand. Last month, she was also spotlighted in a recent Calvin Klein campaign, showcasing her versatility and global fashion influence.


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