iPad Air 6 again rumored to feature landscape front-facing camera

Among all the rumors, there’s one hinting at updates to the front-facing camera of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. Leaker ShrimpApplePro is now corroborating these rumors with a report about the iPad Air 6 getting a landscape front-facing camera.

iPad Air 6 to get landscape front-facing camera

According to the leaker in a post on X, iPad Air 6 will keep pretty much the same design as the current generation. However, ShrimpApplePro claims that the front camera has been moved to be placed at the top when the iPad is in landscape orientation.

Currently, only the entry-level iPad 10 has the camera at the top when the iPad is held horizontally or used with the Magic Keyboard Folio.

Earlier this year, 9to5Mac discovered evidence in iPadOS 17.4 hinting that the new iPad Pro models would get the same treatment. “During Face ID setup, iPad needs to be in landscape with the camera at the top of the screen. Once setup is complete, Face ID works in portrait and landscape,” a new message in iPadOS 17.4 says.

A few weeks ago, another leaker had already reported that the iPad Air 6 will feature a landscape front-facing camera. If true, this means that iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad 10 will all have the camera placed at the top when used in landscape mode.

While the iPad Air 6 is not expected to get any major changes, Apple has reportedly been working on a refreshed design for the new iPad Pro. 9to5Mac recently revealed the dimensions for the new iPads, which suggest that the new iPad Pro will be thinner, while iPad Air 6 will be available in two different screen sizes for the first time.

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