In the Emerald Spotlight: Green-Colored Suits Take Center Stage in Fashion

Whether it’s a business event, a casual get-together, or a formal affair, you want to choose a suit that helps you turn heads for all the right reasons. One of the first steps in choosing what to wear is figuring out your suit color.

While you can’t go wrong with a classic black suit, men who want to take their look to the next level aren’t afraid of color. Of course, you can simply choose some accessories in a bold hue or pattern, but if you want to stand out, opt for a suit in a standout color. Our pick: Green.

Hunter Green Suite

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Forest Green, specifically, was all over the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion runways, showing up in outwear, office attire, and yes, formalwear. 

Here are a few reasons why you want to consider adding a green suit to your closet.

It shows you have confidence. There is nothing more attractive than self-confidence, and only someone comfortable in their skin would dare to wear a green suit. 

 Hunter Green Suite

Green complements all skin tones. Whatever your complexion, you can find a shade of green that looks great on you. For darker skin tones, opt for earth-tone greens such as olive, chartreuse, lime, shamrock, or pear. And fairer complexions want to look for a green with a blue undertone such as fern, emerald, mint, pine, basil, or pistachio.

Hunter Green Suite

It creates a classic look—with a twist. Although a green suit might not seem appropriate for a suit, a well-tailored ensemble in a dark green hue allows you to stand out while still evoking all the style and sophistication of your standard black, gray, and navy blue. 

It can also be dressed down. Green works for non-formal events as well. A green ensemble would look fun and flirty at a garden party, rooftop cocktail hour, or dinner out with friends. Simply leave the tie at home and go with a white T and white sneakers.

Green pairs with a variety of colors. When it comes to accessorizing your green suit, the only limit is your imagination. Pair it with a white, light blue, or patterned shirt for a classic, but fashion-forward look. You can also opt for a bolder look for your tie with orange, purple, pink, or a fun pattern. Green also perfectly pairs with accessories that boast gold accents, and you can’t go wrong with navy, gray, or brown. One color you should probably stay away from with a green suit, however, is red—unless you’re looking to give off a Christmas vibe.

Hunter Green Suite

It doesn’t need much help. With a standout green suit, you don’t need to work too hard accessorizing. Keep it as simple as you like because your emerald ensemble is definitely the star of the show.

It can be worn separately. Feel like a green suit is too out of the box for a business meeting? Get the most bang for your buck by splitting up your green pants and jacket to create different looks for a variety of reasons. Green pants and a crisp white shirt work for the office, while you can give your dark gray pants some life when coordinated with your green jacket. 

Hunter Green Suite

It’s the color of success. Before you completely dismiss wearing a green suit to the office, remember that it’s a color associated with wealth and success. And who doesn’t want to convey that at the office?

You won’t look like anyone else. In a sea of black, gray, and navy suits, you can probably rest assured there won’t be many men in a green suit. This is perfect for an event when you want to stand out from everyone else, such as your engagement party.

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