How To Take Care Of Your Leather Bag

A leather bag isn’t like any other bag you own. It’s likely to outlast almost every other bag in your closet if you takes care of it. ‘But what proper care?’ You might ask.

By the time you invest in a travel bag of this kind, you should already know how you’re supposed to take care of it for maintenance.

To help you in what’s hopefully going to be a wonderful leather journey, here are some tips on how you can take care of your leather bag.

 Leather Bag

1. When cleaning Dirt Off A Leather Bag

Dirt can simply accumulate on a leather bag, and if not properly removed, it will enter the pores of the skin and cause visible spots over time. The best way to prevent this is to wipe it off immediately after noticing it so that no damage occurs.  

It may be necessary to use soap and water to thoroughly clean your bag if its color has faded or visible oil-based stains are present. Leather bags should, when possible, be cleaned by professionals who possess the proper tools for cleaning leather goods such as sponges, soft cotton cloths, and deodorizers, that is why it’s important to invest in a travel bag. 

2. What If My Bag Gets Wet

Von Baer recommends you gently dab off the excess water drops from the leather, both inside and outside, being careful not to rub or scrape the surface of the leather. Allow it to air-dry naturally away from direct sunlight and heat sources ( e.g. heater). 

If in a hurry, lay it out on a flat surface that allows airflow and places something heavy over it so that all areas of the bag can dry thoroughly without warping or discoloring. If properly dried, you should avoid any peeling or cracking.

3. Spot Cleaning It

When cleaning a leather bag, spot cleaning is crucial to avoid damaging the rest. Take a soft sponge and carefully clean areas with visible dirt or stains with lukewarm water and mild soap. Before starting, it is best to test your cleaner; on a hidden portion of your bag, if it reacts badly to the chemicals present. 

When using water, you should make sure that all areas are dried, before storing your bag away from any heat source which could damage its quality.

4. Keeping It In Overall Good Condition

Take Care Of Leather Bag

Whether you go for vintage or modern design, all leather requires almost the same careful treatment.  

One of the best ways to keep leather bags in good condition is by conditioning them. It will prevent the bag from drying out and cracking, thus enhancing its appearance over time. Conditioner like specified wax can be found in most retail stores and come in many different varieties, with each one offering other benefits for your leather bag (i.e., stains, discoloration, water resistance, etc.).

5. Storing Your Leather Bag

Before storing away your leather bags, make sure they are dry to avoid mold or mildew build-up, which could damage their quality. It is best to store them in an area that allows airflow or wrapping them loosely to protect them from dust settling on them while keeping them clean at the same time. Avoid using any plastic bags because the chemicals could enter your leather bag and cause damage.

6. Cleaning A Leather Bag That Has Peeling/Cracking Issues

If a leather bag has already experienced some discoloring, a simple way to fix it is by using a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide. Take the cotton swab and apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide before gently applying it to the affected area to avoid further damaging your bag.   

Make sure you do not scrub too hard as this will cause excess damage, which is hard to repair. Afterward, let the bags dry naturally away from direct sunlight so that the color will not change.

7. How To Clean A Leather Bag With Oil-Based Stains

How To Take Care Of Your Leather Bag

If you have an oil-based stain on your leather bag, there are specific procedures for removing them based on the severity of the stain. As for the tiny stains, take a cotton ball and some leather cleaner. Apply some leather cleaner to the cotton ball and gently wipe away the stain in a circular motion with firm pressure. Avoid rubbing too hard, it may damage the quality of your bag.   

Afterward, take another clean cotton ball and wipe over the area to remove any excess cleaner before letting it air dry completely away from direct heat sources (e.g., heaters). For heavier stains, you can apply denatured alcohol along with mineral spirits for further assistance.

8. How To Remove Liquid Wax Stains From A Leather Bag

If your bag has any liquid wax stains that you accidentally spilled onto, there are specific ways of removing stains depending on their severity (. e., heavy/light/transparent, etc.). For light to medium, take some cooking oil and use a clean cloth to apply it to the stain. After removing as much of the wax with your fingers or spoon, you should place paper towels underneath before ironing it with a medium iron setting until the rest of the wax is gone.   

Afterward, wash inside out in lukewarm water with a mild soap before air-drying vertically away from direct heat sources (e.g., heating vents). If needed, you can repeat these steps but do not overdo it by saturating your bag too much. For heavier stains, try using a dry cleaning solvent that helps break down any visible marks left behind by liquid wax stains.


Even though leather is famed for its durability, you still need to take care of it. Most people, despite wanting to do what’s best for their leather accessories, end up doing more damage than good due to lack of knowledge. 

The tips provided in this article gives you confidence when you’re handling your leather bag that you’re doing exactly what’s best for it. Leather bags already cost a fortune, if you can get them to last a lifetime, take a shot at it! Subscribe to get more life hacks on Her Style Code (!



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