How do you take a selfie?

Existential question time: how do you take a selfie with your iPhone? This subject just hit the 9to5Mac Slack. That’s because Tim Cook is currently on tour in the eastern hemisphere, and at least two tweets include someone taking what I’ll call a reverse selfie with the Apple CEO.

I’ve only used the main camera to take a photo of myself with a group of people while using the timer feature. The phone isn’t handheld in that situation and the screen is too far to really benefit from framing the shot.

And while the main camera is superior, I can’t complain about the quality of the selfie camera on modern iPhones.

More importantly, there’s that Progressive (not Geico) insurance commercial where the reverse selfie is mocked as less tech savvy and more like your parents.

But does Keith from Progressive and Tim Cook’s new friends have the right idea? Is this some secret unlock that actually makes for better shots? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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