Here’s what percentage of PC switchers are choosing a Mac

Last month we got a report from CIRP revealing what share of US iPhone buyers comes from Android. Now the firm is back with a report showing the percentage of new Mac buyers coming from a PC, Chromebook, etc.

Last week we saw CIRP data show that the most popular Mac in the US is the MacBook Pro.

In today’s report, CIRP looked at both laptop and desktop purchases in the US across 2023 and found interesting results – almost 60% of new Mac buyers come from a PC, Chromebook, or another system.

And 35% of new Mac owners came from just PCs. That’s nearly 3x greater than the percentage of Android users switching to iPhone.

As we’ve mentioned before, CIRP doesn’t share what sample size its surveys have, but if the latest data is accurate, it’s an impressive conversion rate for Apple’s Macs.

Recent CIRP reports:

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