Here’s how to find your System Report in macOS Sonoma

Like macOS Ventura, Sonoma comes with System Settings as the replacement for System Preferences. With that, the Mac System Report isn’t where it used to be. Here’s how to find it to get all the fine details of your Mac.

A big UI change that first arrived with Ventura and continues with macOS Sonoma is the shift of System Preferences to System Settings. The update ditched the tiled UI and uses a sidebar list design like iPadOS.

In the past, clicking  in the top left corner of a Mac offered fast access to System Report. However, with Sonoma and Ventura, it’s found two levels deeper in System Settings.

And as it happens, Siri is not able to open System Report.

System Report is useful in many ways as it shows you specs for your Mac’s hardware including battery, I/O, software, and network details.

Mac System Report in macOS Sonoma

Option 1

  1. In your Mac’s top left corner, choose  > About This Mac
  2. Click More Info
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the System Settings window that appeared
  4. Now click System Report

Option 2 to find Mac System Report

  • Open System Settings on your Mac
  • Pick General from the left sidebar, then click About
  • At the very bottom choose System Report (scroll down if needed)

Interestingly, if you search for System Report with Spotlight, you’ll be taken to the About screen of System Settings where you’ll need to head to the bottom and manually click System Report.

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