Govee Lamp Pro and Lamp 2 add Matter and Music to the mix

Chinese smart light specialist Govee has taken the covers off of its latest innovative illumination offerings; the Govee Lamp Pro and the Govee Lamp 2.

The Pro, as the name suggests, is the flagship of the brand’s ever-growing lamp range – but we’ll start with the Lamp 2 for a couple of reasons.

The first being that it’s available right now and ships with Matter compatibility. The Lamp Pro goes on sale on 22 April and, while Matter compatibility is promised, it’s not arriving until a software update lands further down the line.

Standing 60 inches high, the Govee Lamp 2 is a follow up to the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp, which earned a ‘Recommended’ badge when we reviewed it back in 2021.

The big upgrade is that it’s not just the strip part of the Lamp 2 that lights up (at 1,725 Lumens, by the way), it also features a lamp base with its own lighting effects and you can customize the LED lamp post and base separately in the Govee app.

The Govee app, if you’ve not experienced it, is something to behold – with more than 80 preset scene modes on offer and user-customizable DIY modes that let you tweak to your heart’s content.

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Govee is making a name for itself with its RGBICWW lighting, and the Lamp 2 is equipped with smart IC chips that can display multiple colors simultaneously; opening up a lot more lighting scenes for you to use in your home.

The Lamp Pro, which works with Alexa and Google Assistant like the Lamp 2 but lacks Matter for now, is a bit bigger at 67 inches and adds a couple of killer features to the mix that make it the top dog of the line-up.

With lighting, you’ve got 300-degree rotation, making it great for corner placement without sacrificing brightness; which is 2,100 Lumens, if you were wondering.

But it’s a brand new area for Govee that really makes the Lamp Pro stand out: the base also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker. 

Govee Floor Lamp Pro Bluetooth speaker base

This means that you can use Gove’s music sync tech on a super local level, and Govee is also offering 28 white noise presets with lighting effects.

The Govee Floor Lamp 2 is on sale now for $149.99 direct from Govee or via Amazon. The Govee Floor Lamp Pro will be available for $219.99 on 22 April.

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