Giorgio Giangiulio’s Style Rules for Men’s Dressing

Italian consultant, influencer, model, and all-around dapper dresser, 36-year-old Giorgio Giangiulio is well-known in today’s digital and style spheres. His passion? Well, it all began with smart tailoring and pulling together polished looks. As his storytelling developed, so did his interests, and all were tasteful accruements to fashion, including classic cars, motorcycles, and high-end watches. As a proud Italian, all his content creation contains an Italian flair for a (stylish) way of life that exudes “La Dolce Vita.”

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

It is only natural that he’s recently partnered with Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese on a Men’s Fashion Experience, where Giorgio is on hand to help men find and redefine their style and look. Here, men will have the opportunity to visit leading boutiques in Rome to select clothing, suits, shirts, shoes, and accessories; have a traditional shave at the oldest barber shop, Antica Barberia Peppino; and top it off, by partaking in an Italian cigar experience at the Sansone Smoking Store. To celebrate Giorgio’s style expertise, he’s offered his top style rules.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Start with the basics

A blue suit, a grey suit, and a blazer must be the main components of a man’s wardrobe. Once a foundation is in place, you can build everything from there.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Buy less, buy quality

The fashion industry pushes us to buy the latest trends and products, so we’re not “out of fashion.” This way of buying means that we spend money on fast fashion and end up with wardrobes full of poor-quality garments. A man of style should not fall into this trap but should always give priority to the quality of the clothes, learning to recognize and appreciate the fabrics, the cut, and the handcrafted details. Remember, a woman’s wardrobe is designed to change, and a man’s wardrobe is intended to last.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Being well-dressed in the proper context

The elegant man must be fully aware of the context in which he finds himself and must dress accordingly. Be considerate when going out to dinner with friends who, like us, don’t have a passion for clothing. By dressing up, you could make them uncomfortable.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Choose the right cologne

A well-dressed man must have a coordinating scent. Too often underestimated, cologne is the only thing allowing the interlocutor to remember us. Take the time to choose the cologne, don’t buy the first one you try; discover niche colognes, and you will immerse yourself in a wonderful journey.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Have fun with the details

Accessories allow us to dare to explore our creativity. Ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and socks can be eccentric; be brave!

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Keep inspired without emulating

I think it’s right to take inspiration and be influenced by your idols and style icons, but make sure you don’t become clones and “dress up” like them. Be influenced, do not emulate.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion


Again, it is essential to buy less, but buy excellent quality. A quality shoe with the proper care will last a lifetime. The must-have pairs in every man’s repertoire should be a black derby, burgundy or brown brogue, and a suede tassel or penny loafer. These are timeless classics.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion


The watch is another element of a man’s style that demands close attention. It can become a hallmark of our style and is a great talking point for gentlemen. It is also a form of investment and a source of pleasure. It’s not true that you must spend a fortune to put a nice watch on your wrist. However, you need to know how to choose one. You can buy a beautiful vintage hand-wound piece of absolute value and style at the same price as an Apple Watch.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Must-have for a casual look

Levi’s 501
Leather jacket (biker or aviator)
Barbour raincoat

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Awareness of one’s physique

Being aware of your body shape is essential for dressing well. The goal is to enhance the strengths and hide the flaws by using a fit proportionate to the physical structure.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion


Luxury has nothing to do with ostentation. Too often, showing off expensive brands with flashy logos to shout one’s status is confused with luxury. Luxury is an attitude. It is the desire to be yourself, not conform to the masses, and whoever has this attitude doesn’t need to shout it. It’s all about quiet luxury.

Giorgio Giangiulio fashion

Break the rules and build your style

Style has its own rules too. Knowing and practicing them is essential to dress well. However, knowingly breaking the rules allows us to create a style that is entirely unique to us.

The last rule

Less is more…

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