ghd Chronos Hair Straightener Review

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ghd just launched a brand new straightener for 2024 and I have been testing it out. Here is the lowdown on the ghd Chronos Hair Straightener.

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Before and After Photos – ghd Chronos

ghd Chronos Hair Straightener for waves
Before Photo
ghd Chronos Hair Straightener for waves
After photo

ghd Chronos Demo Video

Which ghd Straightener is best for you?

This comes down to your needs and budget. This table should help you choose the right one for you.

Which ghd straightener should you choose?
Which ghd straightener should you choose?
  • Chronos – offers 3 x faster styling with 85% more shine (slim plates) £289
  • Duet Style – offers wet to dry styling with a shine shot mode (wide plates) £379
  • Platinum+ – 70% stronger hair with 85% shine (slim plates) £239
  • Gold – 65% more shine (slim plates) £189

Frequently Asked Questions

ghd Chronos – Is it worth it?

Obviously, this really depends on the individual. I think this styler certainly delivers on its claims, and if you are in the market for a new pair of ghds, I’d say it would be wise to choose these ones over the Platinum+ version.

Are the new ghd straighteners as good as the old ones?

Anyone that has had a pair of the original ghds may have heard that later editions have never lived up to the ones from the ghd early days. I believe that with the launch of Chronos, they have really nailed the technology and performance is better than ever.

Is ghd Chronos better than Platinum+

In terms of the shine claim, Platinum+ is 75% more shine whereas the Chronos is 85% more shine. The Chronos also offers 3 times more breakage protection, and the with Platinum+ it is 2 times more breakage protection.

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