Frida Aasen Shimmers in Logan Hollowell Spring 2024 Jewelry

Frida Aasen Logan Hollowell Spring 2024 Jewelry Ad

In a revelation of beauty and elemental power, Logan Hollowell unveils its spring 2024 campaign, “The Power of The Feminine Through the Elements,” featuring model Frida Aasen. This latest venture into the world of high-end jewelry follows the brand’s successful diamond collection, previously highlighted by Charlotte McKinney.

Logan Hollowell Spring 2024 Campaign

Logan Hollowell debuts The Power of The Feminine Through the Elements campaign featuring Frida Aasen.

Photographed by Bryce Thompson, Aasen embraces the campaign’s theme, draped in the luxurious elements of water, earth, fire, and air. The images, rich with symbolic depth, showcase her in a nearly naked state, highlighting the raw and natural beauty inherent in femininity.

Frida Aasen poses nearly naked for Logan Hollowell's spring 2024 campaign.

The Logan Hollowell spring 2024 campaign features an exquisite selection of gems, including diamonds, emeralds, onyx, and rubies. Each was chosen for its deep symbolism and connection to the elemental themes. These spring jewelry trends offer fashion-forward designs.

Logan Hollowell's spring 2024 ad features Frida Aasen in sparkling gems, highlighting feminine strength.

Each piece of jewelry, from the delicate water-inspired necklaces to the bold, earthy rings, is infused with meaning and intention, designed to resonate with the wearer’s personal journey and elemental nature.

Logan Hollowell spotlights diamonds for the spring 2024 season with elemental-inspired designs.


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