Fresh Black Tea Age Renewal Cream: A Skincare Essential

Many products on the market claim to kick wrinkles into touch, but Fresh’s Black Tea Age Renewal Cream is one of the few that live up to the promise. Of course, this is no surprise as we’ve always trusted Fresh to create high-performing skincare that delivers on its claims. Not only does it smell divine, but this face cream leaves the skin with a youthful glow that keeps us coming back for more.

See below for the inside scoop on our experience testing this anti-aging cream and why we think it’s a total game-changer. We’ll give you all the details on why it’s earned a permanent spot in our skincare routine.

About The Fresh Brand

Known for creating innovative formulas with high-quality ingredients, Fresh has always been the go-to brand for luxurious skincare products. Their ability to combine effective pure ingredients like soy, sake, and sugar with time-honored cultural beauty rituals makes them an innovative leader.

This winning formula powers Fresh’s sublime collection of products, from their bestselling lip treatments to targeted face masks and hydrating moisturizers. They’re all about bringing the apothecary to your bathroom cabinet with a curated collection of natural, upscale beauty products.

Why Is the Black Tea Age Renewal Cream So Good?

The Black Tea Age Renewal Face Cream is a holy-grail product boasting five-star reviews from over 1,300 fans — us included! It’s jam-packed with antioxidants and nourishing plant oils that work to correct multiple signs of aging while protecting your skin. Continued use can even boost skin elasticity, leading to a firmer and visibly youthful appearance.

The star ingredient is Fresh’s trademarked BT MatrixTM complex, which has retinol-like effects to smooth wrinkles and firm skin. Combining moisturizing squalane, radiance-boosting pink porcelain lily, and ceramides to reinforce the skin barrier, this cream has quickly become our go-to for anti-aging lotions and potions.

Claims According to Fresh

Fresh makes some bold claims when describing this product, including that it smoothes wrinkles and peps up tired-looking skin. We put it to the test to see if it can really do all that and consistently deliver results. Here’s what we found:

Texture & Consistency

Although rich and hydrating, this is an easy-to-apply, greaseless formula that doesn’t feel heavy. It quickly absorbs into the skin and has a silky finish that never pills or flakes off. This is all thanks to the formula, which has a medium thickness that moisturizes deeply without clogging pores. I like that it spreads smoothly and evenly for fuss-free application.


True to Fresh’s apothecary-inspired roots, this cream has a refreshing, spa-like scent. Think notes of black tea with underlying hints of citrus, herbs, and flowers. The smell isn’t overpowering but has a clean, energizing effect that wakes you up.


Comprised of an elegant glass jar with a black lid, the packaging feels opulent and would look gorgeous on any vanity. The 50ml size is perfect for travel, while the 100ml offers more bang for your buck. I like that the brand has also included a tiny spatula for hygienic application.

The Results

The anti-aging effects of this cream are remarkable, but you have to apply it consistently morning and night to see the results. It has the unique ability to soften and plump wrinkles, which leaves the skin looking firm and smooth — it’s like retinol but better. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in skin tone, and my skin looks so dewy and radiant–it’s like I just left a facial!

What We Loved About It

After thoroughly testing this cream — using it twice daily for three months — I  can honestly say that the Black Tea Age Renewal Cream truly lives up to the hype. It has had such a profound effect on my skin that it’s now an essential part of my skincare routine that I never want to be without. Here’s what we loved most about this moisturizer after weeks of testing:

  • Visibly diminished wrinkles and improved skin tone
  • Lightweight but deeply moisturizing formula
  • Absorbs quickly without residue
  • Delicious, spa-worthy scent
  • Elegant packaging
  • Smoothes and retexturizes skin
  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients

A Cream Worth Splurging For

If you want to turn back the clock on aging skin, the Black Tea Age Renewal Cream is a must-try. I’m hooked on the tangible results it offers, and it’s even more reassuring to know that it’s made from premium ingredients inspired by nature. You’ll look forward to using this skincare every day because you know it delivers.

Furthermore, we were particularly impressed by how quickly and consistently this cream worked. The price is on the higher side, but it’s worth it, given how well the product works. Plus, you can split up payments into four interest-free installments of $23.75 via Afterpay or Klarna, making the cost more accessible. Despite the price tag, this eye cream is effective, and we think it’s a worthwhile investment.

| Photo courtesy of the brand

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