Dyson Airstrait Straightener UK – Out Now

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The brand new Dyson hair product has just arrived in UK and I have tried it out. Here’s what you need to know about the Dyson Airstrait Straightener.

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How is the hair straightened?

In order to change how the hair appears and give it a new shape, we need to break down and reset the hydrogen bonds within each hair strand. This can be done with heat or moisture.

Water naturally weakens these hydrogen bonds, and makes them more elastic and able to be reset as the hair dries. If you use the optimum level of heat and controlled airflow, you can reset the bonds of the hair and lock them into a straight style without the need to use extreme heat.

Using powerful airflow from wet in turn means styling creates less frizz and flyaways and the hair’s natural shine is protected.  

Wet and Dry Styling Modes

The Dyson Airstrait straightener has Wet and Dry styling modes, and also, like the Airwrap, a ‘Cool’ mode to set the style.

The Wet and Dry modes are pre-set with the specific heat and airflow combination for the best results.

Heat Settings

The Wet mode offers up a choice of three heat settings of 80°C (175°F), 110°C (230°F), and 140°C (285°F).

In Dry mode, you choose between 120°C (250°F) or 140°C (285°F) or a top up “boost”.

For airflow control, there are two speed settings, low flow and high flow, as well as a cold shot and root drying mode.

Dyson Hyperdymium Motor

The Dyson Airstrait straightener uses the Hyperdymium motor which is small, light and powerful enough to generate the airflow needed to dry and straighten hair simultaneously, from wet.

“A 13-blade impeller spins up to 106,000rpm, propelling over 11.9 litres of air through the machine per second. This generates up to 3.5kPa of air pressure, enough to straighten hair as it dries. At 27mm, the motor is small enough to fit in the handle – with no sacrifice on power”.

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