Cowgirl LUV, An Homage to the Rugged Beauty of the American West

Equestrian jewelry designer Karina Brez’s latest collection, Cowgirl LUV, is inspired by mountains and cities in the USA. The designer references the rugged beauty of the American West in the new line which includes stackable rings that symbolize mountain ranges, embodying the spirit of adventure and independence.

Cowgirl LUV
photography by Steven DeVilbiss

Whitney Stackable Turquoise Ring in Rose Gold by Karina Brez
Whitney Stackable Turquoise Ring in Rose Gold by Karina Brez. Photography by Steven DeVilbiss

Six stackable ring styles encapsulate the essence of these monumental peaks: the majestic Sierra Nevada, the towering Denali, and the legendary Mount Whitney. The Sierra Nevada, often referred to as the ‘Range of Light,’ stretches majestically across California and Nevada, offering a panorama of breathtaking peaks and valleys. Within the Cowgirl LUV Collection, the essence of the Sierra Nevada is captured in the Sierra stackable rings that echo the natural contours and sublime beauty of this celebrated mountain range. Together, the Sierra Nevada, Denali, and Mount Whitney represent more than just geological formations; they are living testaments to the indomitable spirit of the American West, informs the designer.

Whitney Stack in White Gold by Karina Brez
Whitney Stack in White Gold by Karina Brez. Photography by Steven DeVilbiss

Karina Brez has translated this spirit into pieces that embody the resilience, strength, and untamed beauty of these iconic mountain ranges. “A cowgirl is a strong, resilient, and confident woman, and it was important for me to create a collection that embodied the untamed beauty of America through the spirit of the American Cowgirl,” she says. The Sedona diamond and turquoise earrings are a tribute to the unique energy, and natural beauty of Sedona, while the Dallas diamond and turquoise earrings in the Cowgirl LUV collection capture the city’s cosmopolitan flair with their contemporary, urban design. “Turquoise is often used in Western-style jewelry and accessories, making it a staple in cowgirl fashion. Its bright blue hue adds a pop of color to outfits, complementing other Western elements like leather and silver. It is a symbol of tradition and a nod to the enduring legacy of Western fashion,” she adds. “At its core, the cowgirl spirit is about a fierce determination to conquer challenges, a love for wide-open spaces, and a commitment to taking care of one’s horses and cattle. It is an attitude of self-reliance and grit, with a deep connection to the land and horses.” The new line, she observes, has a nice place alongside her signature collections. “It gives me the opportunity to incorporate the essence of the equestrian and Western spirit while being more mainstream with contemporary lines.”

Dallas Diamond and Turquoise Earring in Yellow Gold by Karina Brez.

Aspen Diamond and Turquoise Earring in Rose Gold by Karina Brez
photography by Steven DeVilbiss

Delicate pink sapphires and diamonds are used as accents in the Cowgirl LUV jewels. Embrace the cowgirl spirit with the jewels that are available in yellow, white, or rose gold.

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