Clarins Eye Lift Cream: An Anti-Aging Skincare Must-Have

The best way to know if something works or not is to try it for yourself. When it comes to luxury beauty brands like Clarins, there are so many highly-reviewed products that it can often be overwhelming to know what to try first or next — especially if you are already a firm fan of the brand. With that said, Clarins is renowned for being a leader in eye care and is considered number one in premium skincare in Europe, meaning if you are new to the brand, it makes sense to start with testing the brand’s most famous products, as this should set the tone for the rest of their product range.

And what Clarins product is more famous than their Total Eye Lift Cream? This lifting cream has been raved about for years and is one of the brand’s most-sold eye treatments — probably because it actually is as good as the reviews say it is. The reviews we read before trying the product ourselves were positive, with many agreeing that the cream is a hero product and does what it says by rejuvenating and replenishing the eye area. Without spoiling this review, let’s just say we are adding many more Clarins products to the skincare wishlist.

Read on for the juicy details of our experience with the product and to find out what makes this anti-aging eye cream a true must-have. 

About The Brand

The Clarins company is a French-owned family company initially launched by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954. The brand has been creating modern cosmetic beauty products for over 65 years now, so it is not surprising they have a worldwide presence — in almost 150 countries — and that every skincare guru on the internet is very familiar with the brand and their product offerings.

What also makes Clarins stand out to us is that they have a unique loyalty-based program — essentially a rewards system — for loyal customers who shop in-store and online. We thought this was worth mentioning as it’s a great initiative for consumers to continue to shop with them. 

About The Total Eye Lift Product 

Clarins Total Eye Lift Cream is an anti-aging under-eye cream designed to target dark circles, wrinkles, and crow’s feet for the visible effect of an eye lift. Priced at $92 per 0.5oz, the product comes in a dark red, luxury-looking pump bottle, which conveniently dispenses the perfect amount of product for one use. The cream is a sensorial, lightweight balm that melts easily into the skin around your eyes so that you can easily layer your makeup over the top with no pilling or oiliness. Arguably, the best thing about this cream is the formula, which contains Organic Harungana, Cassie Flower wax, plant-based Caffeine, escin from Horse Chestnut, Albizia, and Organic Guarana extracts.

For full transparency of the specifications, Clarins states on their website that users can expect the following results from the cream:

  • A visible eye lift in 60 seconds
  • Visibly smoothed lines and wrinkles
  • Minimized dark circles and puffiness
  • A replenished, rested, refreshed, and brightened eye area
  • Enhanced lashes and brows

Using The Product

To put the cream to the test, we used it morning and night for three months and overall, we really adored using it — the results speak for themselves. The silky, milky, gel-like cream goes on smoothly and sinks into the skin in the blink of an eye. It feels soft and smooth on the fingers and around the eyes. Once applied as directed (after cleansing and only around the eye area), visible results are apparent within the advised sixty seconds: visibly plumper, smoother, and brighter skin than the ad campaigns told us we would see. One thing to point out is that a little truly goes a long way, and you only need a pea-sized amount each time!

If you are a makeup wearer, applying makeup over this product is a breeze because it sinks in quickly, and the concealer doesn’t crease or go lumpy on top of the skin like it can after using some creams. That said, we used less concealer under the eye after a month of using Total Eye Lift because we didn’t feel we needed it as much.

Photo courtesy of Clarins

The Full Test

Over the full trial period of three months, we noticed results not only immediately after applying the cream in the morning and evening but also overall. The skin around the eye area, which can be so sensitive and often looks a little tired and dull, began to look bright without using color-correcting concealers. Persistent puffiness has been far less noticeable, and the overall effect has reflected a lifting effect, which is what the product advertises. 

The ingredients in this one small bottle work on their own and in combination to deliver on Clarins’ promises. Organic Harungana extract steps in to replenish and visibly firm the fragile skin around the eyes. Cassie Flower wax visibly smooths out wrinkles and fine lines with immediate effect. Caffeine, escin (extracted from Horse Chestnut), along with Organic Guarana and Albizia, targets dark circles, shadows, and persistent puffiness and leaves the eye area looking smooth, bright, and refreshed. 

What We Loved

We love the recycled glass bottle and the pump delivery system. Beauty products that look out for the environment and our skin are our first choice, and this Clarins cream fits the bill. The packaging design is convenient for the bathroom cupboard, to keep in your handbag, or to pack in a cosmetic case for a weekend away. We also love what Clarins delivers as a company overall, much of which we only found out when ordering this product for the first time. They offer free shipping when your order totals over $50, and there are always consultants online who can help you find the right products. We have started using this service to find out more about products we’re interested in trying, which is super helpful when overwhelmed with choices.

Wrap Up

Our experience with Clarins Total Eye Lift Cream has been incredibly positive, and it’s difficult to think of anything we did not like, apart from the fact the price tag is more on the premium end and is definitely an investment skincare item which may not fit everyone’s budget. However, considering that the cream delivers what it promises, we can justify the price tag and will shortly be ordering again before the bottle runs out because we love the results. 

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