Celebrating National Fragrance Week with Harvey Nichols: A Journey Through Exclusive Scents AD

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National Fragrance Week is here and Harvey Nichols have the most extensive range of fragrances that are available both in store and online. Discovering your next signature scent is no easy task especially when you want to find something unique that makes a real impression. But I have the best guide for you here. Check out some highlights of Harvey Nichols’ expert fragrance curation here. This is the most exquisite selection!

Maison Crivelli Tubéreuse Astrale Review

Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week - Masion Crivelli Tubereouse Astrale
Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week – Masion Crivelli Tubereuse Astrale

This is a really powerful statement scent and it’s absolutely amazing. If you like it when someone comments on and asks about your fragrance, you will absolutely love this. It is a real room rocker! The first time I wore it, I got instant questions. It is divine.

This is completely incredible and is exclusive to Harvey Nichols. It comes in a handmade bottle that is beautiful.

It has heady tuberose with the most beautiful hit of leather and musk. It packs a punch and it is wonderful. I find that this lasts and lasts on my skin and changes and evolves in the most beautiful and super sexy way. LOVE IT!

This is the one to choose when you need a boost!

Maison Crivelli Tubéreuse Astrale Notes

  • Top notes – cinnamon
  • Mid notes – Tuberose, Osmanthus
  • Base notes – vanilla, musk

BDK Parfums 312 Saint-Honoré Review

Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week - BDK Parfums 213 Saint Honore
Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week – BDK Parfums 213 Saint Honore

I love Amber and this is a stunning amber fragrance. It is creamy and soft and skin-like; super smooth and like a cozy and clean-feeling hug!

It has a really lively peppery opening, that lifts away to a beautiful floral heart with the softest orange blossom. It has a very long lasting tonka note (one of my favourite fragrance notes) and is so comfortable and unintrusive that you could wear this everyday for any occasion, and still get compliments. So so wearable and definitely one I’d recommend as a blind buy. Another one I truly love.

BDK Parfums 312 Saint-Honoré Notes

  • Top note – pink pepper, angelica root
  • Mid notes – iris, orange blossom, tonka bean
  • Base note – White musk, ambroxan

Matiere Premiere Radical Rose Review

Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week - Matiere Premiere Radical Rose
Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week – Matiere Premiere Radical Rose

Matiere Premiere is a new brand at Harvey Nichols. This is a rose fragrance that I think you could love even if you don’t usually love a rose. It is stunning and equally wearable for a man or a woman in my view. I love this on my skin, but I also love rose on a man.

This rose smells so much like a real rose that it’s quite staggering. It actually makes me think of rose petals when I smell it. It is deep and dark with its patchouli and saffron, and as it dries down it takes on the most sensual powdery quality that wears beautifully on the skin. It is glamorous and sexy, and I think it would be a perfect choice for date night.

This is one to spritz when you want to be taken seriously. This fragrance says that you mean business and you don’t mess around. No ordinary rose.

Matiere Premiere Radical Rose Notes

  • Top note – Saffron, Pepper
  • Mid notes – Rose Centifolia
  • Base note – Cistus Labdanum, Patchouli

Nishane Hundred Silent Ways X Review

Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week - Nishane Hundred Silent Ways X
Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week – Nishane Hundred Silent Ways X

This is a new addition to the Harvey Nichols line up and it set to be a best seller. It has top notes of peach, tuberose and mandarin orange which open up to a full heart of jasmine, gardenia and iris. It has the smoothest base of vanilla, patchouli and leather which really balances out the fruit and florals.

This is another really long lasting scent. I love the leather in this and it gives the fragrance as a whole a beautiful edge. Elegant and yet edgy and it evolves as you wear it to always keep things interesting.

Nishane Hundred Silent Ways X Notes

  • Top Notes: Tangerine, Peach, Tuberose
  • Heart Notes: Gardenia, Iris, Jasmine, Heliotrope
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Leather, Patchouli

Olfactive O Floral Review

Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week - Olfactive O Floral
Harvey Nichols Fragrance Week – Olfactive O Floral

Olfactive O is a new brand at Harvey Nichols. I really like the way this brand brings personality and how you want to feel into fragrance. For me, I like heavy weight fragrances because sometimes I can come across as frivolous and worry that people can perceive me as a bit lightweight, when I know I am not. I like to spray on fragrance that reminds me that I do also mean business.

Olfactive O fragrances help you decide on the kind of personality that you want to be today. Floral is a new addition to the Harvey Nichols’ fragrance portfolio and it is a delicately soft fragrance designed to evoke elegance and romanticism.

It is a very pretty scent with magnolia, mimosa, chamomile in the top notes, with osmanthus that gives it a fresh peachiness. It’s a super feminine scent perfect for Spring and Summer.

Olfactive O Floral Notes

  • Top notes – magnolia, mimosa, chamomile
  • Mid notes – rose, osmanthus, tuberose
  • Base notes – musk, jasmine, cedar

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The Luxury of Packaging

Fragrance is obviously about smell but I have to say, the packaging is so important too. All the fragrances that have been curated by the Harvey Nichols’ experts are absolutely beautiful to look at and hold. This takes the whole experience to another level.

I am obsessed with the chic chunkiness of the Matiere Premiere Radical Rose bottle. I just love it. All the bottles in this edit are stunning and really elevate the luxuriousness of the ritual of applying fragrance.

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