Can TikTok Trends Help Resolve Dry Skin?

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and skincare, TikTok has emerged as a pivotal source of inspiration and innovation, particularly for those grappling with dry skin. The platform has become a treasure trove of trends and tips, influencing not just skincare routines but also makeup choices. 

From the hydrating ‘slugging’ technique to using hydrating products, TikTok trends offer a plethora of solutions for those seeking relief from dryness. Let’s explore these viral trends and explore whether they truly hold the key to resolving the challenges of dry skin.

TikTok Makeup Trends for Hydrating Dry Skin

TikTok has revolutionized beauty routines by introducing innovative makeup trends that cater specifically to those with dry skin. There are a few trending makeup techniques that have gained popularity for their ability to combat dryness and enhance the overall look of the skin. These trends emphasize the importance of hydration and show that makeup can also address the challenges of dry skin. 

Creating a dewy skin makeup routine

The pursuit of a dewy, radiant complexion is a trend that continues to thrive. The dewy look is achieved through a combination of hydrating primers, illuminating foundations, and liquid highlighters. These products work together to create a healthy glow that doesn’t accentuate dryness. TikTok users often showcase their routines, starting with skincare, followed by the application of makeup that enhances, rather than masks, their natural skin.

Using hydrating setting sprays

Setting sprays have evolved from merely keeping makeup in place to offering additional skincare benefits. TikTok users are showcasing hydrating setting sprays that not only set their makeup but also provide an extra layer of moisture. These sprays often contain ingredients like aloe vera, rose water, or hyaluronic acid, which help to soothe and hydrate the skin throughout the day.

Adopting the minimalist ‘No Makeup’ look

Another significant trend emerging on TikTok is the ‘no makeup’ philosophy. The approach involves not avoiding makeup altogether but using minimal makeup products to enhance natural beauty. For a radiant glow, TikTok influencers use highlighter, bronzer, and blush, to create a healthy and fresh-faced look. No matter which minimal products you want to use, this minimalist trend not only simplifies the makeup routine but also prevents the skin from becoming too caked with products, which can exacerbate dryness.

Useful Makeup Tips For Tackling Dry Skin

Using cream products instead of powder is a game-changer for those with dry skin. Unlike powder, which can accentuate dry patches, cream formulas blend seamlessly, providing moisture and a dewy finish.

Utilizing hydrating primers can create a smooth canvas for makeup application, helping to minimize the appearance of dryness. Look for primers with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin, which lock in moisture and help apply foundation more evenly.

Choose hydrating foundation formulas with a serum-like texture or those containing nourishing oils as they can provide both coverage and hydration. These foundations are often enriched with moisturizing ingredients and offer a luminous finish, as opposed to matte foundations that can make dry skin look flaky.

TikTok Skincare Trends for Enhanced Product Absorption

As well as makeup trends, tips, and techniques, TikTok has also taken skincare to another level. While a good hydrating makeup routine can help prevent dry patches and ‘cakey’ makeup, the first important step before makeup is hydrating and prepping your skin in the right way. 

Making a mess with ‘Slugging’ 

Some skincare can get messy when we focus on layering products on dry skin in order to hydrate it. One of the recent skincare trends on the platform has been skin ‘slugging’ which involves applying a thick, occlusive agent like petroleum jelly as the final step in a nighttime skincare routine. The slugging skincare trend locks in moisture and repairs the skin barrier overnight, leading to softer, more hydrated skin in the morning. It’s especially beneficial during harsh winter months.

Prep your skin by ‘Flooding’ it

Another trendy way to maximize skin hydration is by ‘flooding’ your skin with layered serums and creams. Starting with a hydrating serum and layering a rich cream or lotion on top can significantly boost the skin’s moisture levels. This technique ensures that each layer of skincare works to its full potential by locking in moisture to result in deeply hydrated and plump skin.

Skincare Tips for Combating Dry Skin in Winter

Incorporating hyaluronic acid and glycerin ingredients into your routine is key for nourishing dry skin as they help to attract and retain moisture in the skin. Using skincare products that contain these ingredients can provide long-lasting hydration and improve skin texture.

Using gentle cleansers is also an important step in hydrating skin so you don’t strip the skin of its natural oils. Cream or oil-based cleansers are ideal as they cleanse effectively while also providing hydration.

Changing your lifestyle habits can also be key to combating your dry skin as changes like drinking more water and taking cooler showers can hydrate you throughout the day and protect your skin. Other useful tips include maintaining indoor humidity levels to prevent the air from drying out your skin and also wearing protective clothing like scarves which shield your skin from harsh winter elements outdoors.

Embracing TikTok Trends & Online Tips for Better Skincare

Adopting these skincare and makeup trends can make a significant difference in managing dry skin. Whether ditching the powder makeup, incorporating slugging into your nighttime routine, or simply using a humidifier in your home, these tips are designed to nourish and protect your skin. With a little effort, achieving hydrated, healthy skin is within reach.

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