Best cycling shorts for women: 7 top picks for comfort

Make your cycling routine comfortable and stylish by including the best cycling shorts for women in your wardrobe.

Cycling is one of the most fun and effective ways to improve your health and transform your lifestyle. This low-impact exercise can help strengthen your heart, improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of heart diseases, manage weight, improve joint mobility and more. The best way to enhance the effectiveness of cycling is by wearing activewear that is comfortable. Made with moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or lycra blends, cycling shorts may not only improve your performance but also uplift your style game. Most of the shorts provide cushioning and support to reduce saddle soreness and discomfort. The seams of these shorts can also minimise chafing and irritation, thus ensuring a comfortable and smooth fit. We have curated a list of the best cycling shorts for women.

7 best cycling shorts for women

Check out this list of the best cycling shorts for women in India:

1. Adidas Women’s Versatility Bike Shorts

Adidas Women’s Versatility Bike Shorts come in different sizes to help you choose the one that fits your best. Made with recycled materials, these shorts can absorb moisture from your body and help you stay dry. They are especially made to support your core and provide a full range of motion. These aeroready shorts may help you enjoy a comfortable cycling experience.

2. PUMA Women’s Shorts

PUMA Women’s Shorts are made with cotton fabrics. These skinny-fit shorts come with a wide elasticated waistband to provide optimal comfort and a secure fit while riding. They support full range of motion, which can enhance your flexibility and performance. Pair these shorts with your favourite workout vest and add a glam factor to your fitness.

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3. Clovia Women’s Cotton Mid Waist Cycling Shorts

Clovia Women’s Cotton Mid Waist Cycling Shorts are made with cotton and spandex material. These regular fit women’s cycling shorts come with inner elastic, which helps prevent chafing. Using these shorts on a regular basis may help improve your cycling performance as it promises to provide a comfortable fit. By wicking away the moisture, these shorts can help you stay cool, dry and prevent itching.

4. Nike Women Shorts

Try this fitness athleisure from Nike and enjoy a comfortable cycling session. Made from polyester material, these shorts are especially designed to improve your athletic performance. Its moisture-wicking properties can help absorb moisture from your body and allow you to stay cool and dry even while cycling. These shorts may also prevent chafing and irritation, while providing a comfortable fit.

5. NYKD Stretch Cotton Cycling Shorts

NYKD Stretch Cotton Cycling Shorts are especially designed to provide maximum comfort while cycling. Made from cotton material, these shorts are breathable and offer maximum freedom of movement. The brand suggests washing these shorts at below 40 degree celsius without using any bleach. The gusseted crotch of these shorts ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

6. Jockey MW81 Women’s Shorts

Jockey MW81 Women’s Shorts are made with microfiber elastane stretch and polyester material. These slim-fit shorts promise to take your comfort level to the next level. The antimicrobial properties of these shorts may help stay fresh throughout the day. Its staydry treatment with additional evaporation properties can help you stay dry even while cycling. These shorts are especially designed to offer maximum range of motion, which can help enhance your performance.

7. Terry Actif Women’s Padded Cycling Shorts

Terry Actif Women’s Padded Cycling Shorts are designed using mono density perforated technology. The antibacterial properties of these shorts can provide an improved moisture management to help you stay cool and dry. Its 6-panel flat seam construction reduces chafing. Made from nylon and spandex material, these padded chamois promise to provide maximum comfort while cycling.

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How to pick the right cycling shorts for women?

Consider the following points while choosing your cycling shorts:

  • Look for shorts that come with padding as it provides comfort and support while long rides.
  • Cycling shorts are generally made from materials like nylon, spandex and lycra. These fabrics are moisture-wicking and stretchable that ensures maximum comfort and coolness. The thickness of the shorts can provide more compression and support while riding.
  • Look for shorts that are not too tight or restrictive. Pay attention to the waistband and length of the shorts. Make sure that the legs have silicone grippers to prevent them from riding up while pedaling.
  • Cycling shorts come in different styles like bib shorts, traditional shorts and skorts. Choose the style that suits your riding style, needs and preferences.
  • Consider your riding style and then choose the shorts accordingly. Invest in high-performance shorts with superior padding and compression if you are a road cyclist.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What is the best fabric for athletic wear?

A study published in the Fibers and Textiles in Eastern Europe states that athletic wear that is made with polyester fabric has better physiological responses and can improve athletic performance. The moisture management facility of this fabric can help you stay cool and dry during workouts.

  • What are the benefits of cycling?

Cycling can improve your overall fitness and reduce the mortality rate. According to the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, regular cycling can improve cardiovascular fitness, manage weight, and help improve bone and joint mobility.

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