Berlook Looks to The Future of Womanswear

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Berlook is a lifestyle clothing brand that not only empowers women but encourages them to feel and look good from the inside out. Specialising in wardrobe staples and key pieces that are meant to be kept, Berlook goes beyond seasonal trends to deliver selections across swimwear and activewear for a range of activities, lifestyles, and body types.

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In what some may see as a saturated clothing market, Berlook stands out from other clothing brands for its sustainability initiatives, its range of inclusive sizes as well as the timeless, versatile nature of the brand’s designs. Berlook’s founders have over a decade of experience in the fashion industry and built the brand with the intention of benefiting women and the world.

A Strong Sustainability Initiative

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The first steps in sustainability start with respect and accountability. When it comes to sustainability, Berlook incorporates 100 percent natural or recyclable fabrics for every piece of their swimwear and ready-to-wear collections. Their environmental commitment is reflected in every stitch of fabric. By prioritising transparency in sourcing and manufacturing, each piece created can be traced back to its production. Berlook aims to have 100 percent of its materials sustainable by 2025.

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After sourcing the most sustainable materials, Berlook partners with certified factories that ensure a safe, healthy, and fair working environment for its workers, alongside a commitment to the environment. Berlook works closely with its partners to ensure their standards for sustainability towards both people and the planet are continuously respected.

There is no denying that the fashion industry has made a huge impact on the planet and the environment, with a constant cycle of throw-away pieces alongside fulfilling a strenuous 96-season run. Berlook however, brands itself on its cozy multipurpose garments designed to help the wearer enjoy more leisure and make work feel comfortable, but above the brand strives for lasting environmental progress.

Championing Inclusivity

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Berlook pieces are crafted from comfortable garments that are composed of a “highly stretchy” material made to fit ladies of all body types and shapes. The clothes are aimed at empowering women of all sizes and shapes while celebrating the female figure and sculpted silhouettes. With the body in mind, Berlook creates simple yet stylish swimwear designs for contemporary women across the globe. Each one of the brand’s swimwear styles has been trialed by dozens of women with a variety of body shapes and sizes, ensuring a standard of relevant research behind the fit and comfort.

Timeless Designs and Versatile Staples

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When it comes to activewear, Berlook’s four-way stretch yoga apparel allows the wearer to move freely and gracefully in any pose. Plus, they’re highly breathable, ensuring the wearer stays cool and dry throughout their yoga session. From the tennis court to the yoga mat, everything from sports bras to a backless tank top is skin-friendly, supportive, and breathable.

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Berlook creates sustainable and exquisite wardrobe staples. Each piece is meant to be worn and goes beyond seasonal trends and single-use wear. As the brand says “We launch some brand new styles each season with multiple ways to wear and love them, giving our customers the most bang for the buck”. Berlook continues to strive to empower women help in building their sartorial confidence and encourage confidence in style.

Supporting Meaningful Initiatives

Proof of donation from Berlook to The United Breast Cancer Foundation

Since 2023, Berlook has actively donated, to The United Breast Cancer Foundation, with the total contribution amount reaching thousands of dollars in promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. As part of Berlook’s partnerships, one percent of sales made from every Membership Day purchase on the last weekend of each month will be contributed to The United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF). This donation will assist UBCF’s Hope for Every Woman initiative, offering crucial, life-saving programs and services to inspire hope and provide aid to those affected by breast cancer.

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