Apple TV+ share grows in the US, but still lags behind its competitors

A recent study revealed that Apple TV+ is the streaming platform with the highest rated content on IMDb, despite having the smallest catalog of them all. Now JustWatch has shared the streaming platforms’ market share figures for the first quarter of 2024, which show that Apple TV+ has grown in the US – but still lags behind its main competitors.

Apple TV+ market share in the US

The JustWatch research covers the main streaming platforms available in the US. During Q1 2024, Apple TV+ share grew 1% compared to the previous period, now with 8% of the market share. It is followed by Paramount+, which also has an 8% share.

While growth is always a good thing, it will be a long run before Apple TV+ catches up with its other competitors such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, which are in first place with 22% and second place with 21%, respectively. Max (HBO) is the third most popular streaming platform in the US, with a 14% market share.

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix both grew as well, while Max, Disney+, and Hulu lost some subscribers.

You can take a look at the full market share ranking provided by JustWatch below:

  1. Amazon Prime Video: 22%
  2. Netflix: 21%
  3. Max: 14%
  4. Disney+: 11%
  5. Hulu: 10%
  6. Paramount +: 8%
  7. Apple TV+: 8%
  8. Others: 6%

Apple TV+ was launched in 2019 with a small catalog of original movies and shows. Currently, the platform has around 271 titles available – much less than Amazon Prime Video’s 13,000 titles. Even so, Apple TV+ content has already won multiple important awards since 2019.

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