AMAFFI Tantilises Olfactory Connoisseurs With Debut of Maracoca Fragrances


There seems to be a shift in the market with how luxury fragrances are marketed to consumers. Scent, history, craft and narrative each come into play when a customer ultimately makes their choice. With the rise of appreciation for exclusive scents, luxury fragrance houses need to hone in on their brand identity to deliver a strong point of differentiation from their competitors. Enter the Geneva-based luxury fragrance atelier, AMAFFI. Crafted from the finest raw materials from around the world, Amalfi strives to achieve one of the highest standards in the art of perfumery providing customers with the royal treatment — from scent to bottle.

Maracoca for Women’s bottle is a lyrical sculpture crafted in high-quality frosted glass.

A scent can be as personal as an item of jewellery and as important as a piece of clothing in completing a look. The debut of AMAFFI’s latest range of scents, Maracoca, is inspired by the bold and sophisticated individuals who revel in the beauty and joy of life. Available for men and women, Maracoca’s blend of extremely rare and difficult-to-source ingredients is a testament to the dedication and precision required to create this truly sensorial work of art. Created by master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, Maracoca for Women is a seductive harmony of sensual jasmine, sweet white gardenia, spicy frangipani, and lively yuzu. This Maracoca scent is as driven in nostalgia as it is in fantasy, reminding its wearer of their deepest desires — “arousing rich associations that make her heart soar”, says the brand.

Maracoca for Men’s fragrance is a ravishing cocktail of emotions, joy, and delight.

Designed by master perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer, Maracoca for Men is an exciting, euphoric fragrance with an intoxicating combination of mystical sagebrush, calming lavender, and smoky notes of heady amyris. AMAFFI describes this scent as a bright and explosive fragrance that is the perfect companion to complement the character of “an audacious man who loves life”.

AMAFFI’s unique product packaging makes for the perfect gift for him or her.

Each of AMAFFI’s bottles tells the story of the perfume it holds even before its scent captivates the wearer. Embellished by gold and silver plating, hand-affixed crystals and other precious materials, these ornamental vessels, as treasured as their contents, reflect the character, mood and name of each fragrance.


When it comes to what’s inside the bottle, AMAFFI’s perfume house works in synergy with master perfumers. AMAFFI embodies the role of an orchestra’s chief conductor to guide these celebrated artists to sublime olfactory heights, merging creative freedom with respect for the centuries-old art of perfume-making to create exceptional perfumes, something that cannot be replicated by today’s mass market and modern niche perfumers. 

Maracoca for Women and Maracoca for Men retail for SGD 9,700 and are sold exclusively in AMAFFI‘s Perfume House boutiques in London, Singapore, and New York, and online at

AMAFFI’s Perfume House boutiques are located at:

2 Bayfront Avenue
Unit# B2M-242/243,
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972

New York:
44 East 57th Street,
New York, New York 10022
United States of America

8 Sloane Street Knightsbridge,
London SW1X 9LE
United Kingdom

For more information, head to AMAFFI’s official website here.

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