All That Glitters, Jewelry and Stylish New Designs

Party With Blue

CICADA enamel gold tanzanite CICADA Tanzanite cocktail ring

Nothing says glamour like these scene-stealing tanzanite cocktail rings from Cicada. Don’t hold back.

All That Glitters, Jewelry and Stylish New Designs
LAM Modern Alchemy Adam Neely jewels

Laguna Art Museum Showcases Modern Alchemy

Award-winning jeweler Adam Neeley brings a splendid collection of his works to the Laguna Art Museum (LAM) in California. The exhibition aptly titled Modern Alchemy showcases the fusion of art, nature, and innovation in the works of the designer and highlights the unique techniques and the use of raw and faceted gems and minerals in his art. “Adam Neeley’s Modern Alchemy is a testament to the transformative power of art. Neeley’s ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with his original SpectraGoldTM technique will take you on a journey where each piece becomes a unique expression of alchemical beauty. We are excited to present Modern Alchemy as the first-ever decorative arts show at Laguna Art Museum,” said Julie Perlin Lee, Executive Director, LAM.

LAM Exhibit
LAM Exhibit

“This exhibition features displays to excite audiences of all ages and share the magical world of the jewelry arts,” says the designer, noted for his groundbreaking SpectraGold technique, a never-before-seen process seamlessly transitioning one color of gold into another. It is achieved through a meticulous forging process, this technique produces a subtle gradient, or ombré of color — from yellow gold to white gold and beyond, elaborates Adam.

The California-based designer collaborates with noted lapidaries such as Stephen Avery, to craft imaginative pieces that transcend contemporary designs, transporting admirers into a realm of dreams and fantasy inspired by his boundless imagination and the world around him. The first-ever decorative arts show at LAM will be run through July 29, 2024. For details, about Modern Alchemy, visit

Tiara from Aril Jewels

Crowning Glory

Kayla Rimmon of Aril Jewels has made a head start in the world of high jewelry, designing a new headpiece for Fuli Gemstones. The Lotus Tiara converts into a necklace with its dual-wear option. Kayla and Chloë Woodmansterne, of Aril Jewels, worked closely with a China-based peridot mining company in making the design come to fruition. “The design celebrates peridot’s symbolism and connection with ancient Egypt,” says Kayla of the collaboration. It features marquise, pear, and half-moon cut Fuli peridots, accented with aquamarines, amethysts, pink tourmalines, and white diamonds. The frame is set in platinum and 18k gold. The lotus flower, in ancient Egyptian times, was a symbol of the sun, of creation, and of rebirth, because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again, sharing the Kayla.

Mariposa brooch MUZO
Mariposa brooch MUZO

Muzo’s Mariposa Brooch Flutters Into Spring

The Green Jewel Tradition Collection is part of an enduring partnership between Muzo Emerald Colombia and Argyle Pink Diamonds. This vibrant butterfly honors the original Green Jewel style while infusing a modern and innovative twist into the traditional design. The Mariposa (meaning butterfly) jewel, symbolizing transformation and beauty, can be transformed into a hair clip. Crafted in 18k gold, this tremblant brooch features precision-cut no-oil Muzo Emeralds blended together with Argyle Pink and violet/blue diamonds. The wings of the butterfly are outlined in white diamonds.

 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds and Navy Blue Enamel. Audrey Eternity Band
18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds and Navy Blue Enamel. Audrey Eternity Band

Bubbling With Style

Audrey, a new collection from Melissa Kaye, plays up a newfound organic side to the designer’s aesthetic that previously leaned heavily on architectural forms. Soft, rounded silhouettes with each piece composed of graduated diamond-set spheres resemble bubbles floating across fingers, earlobes, cuffs, and the neck. These enamel and diamond pieces from the Audrey collection, made in 18k gold, are designed for everyday wear.

A New Horizon

Perle Adler’s Horizon collection is a nod to the infinite lines of New York City as well as the grandiose and comforting feelings. “Each stone represents a city block, so emerald-cuts imposed themselves. Setting all these emerald-cut stones in a straight line requires exceptional setting skills: the line can be distorted very easily if any of the stones are slightly off,” she says of the new offering that sports a very pared-down look. The stones she has chosen to create this line are rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. “Sapphires not only come in all colors of the rainbow, but they are perfect for daily wear with a hardness of 9 on Mohs’ scale, and diamonds add a little extra spark,” adds Perle. The Horizon collection is available in 18k yellow gold, rose gold, white gold palladium, and platinum for the rings and bracelets.

CHARMS OF HOPE- Hamilton Jewelers
CHARMS OF HOPE- Hamilton Jewelers

Charms Of Hope

Hamilton Jewelers has brought out a line of jewels in an uplifting hopeful design. The Charms of Hope 18k recycled gold pieces are offered as a necklace in three different sizes and as a charm bracelet. The collection co-designed with Audrey Gruss, Founder and Chair of Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF), is available in plain gold, gold with yellow sapphires, and gold with diamonds for those like added sparkle. “The collection is elegant, classic, and uplifting; it’s meant to be layered and worn every day,” says Anne Russell, Executive Vice-President of the retail store. The pieces are priced between $595 and $5,000. 

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